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The ruins of Braxtierny are the remains of a fire cairn and its iron citadel. The fire cairn exploded more than a thousand years ago, destroying the citadel and killing all inside.


The ruins of Braxtierny are located in the central Tomarin peninsula, in the heart of the Iron States.

Known History

In the fall of 1251 CY, the citadel of Braxtierny (one of the Iron States) exploded when its fire cairn erupted like a volcano, killing all inside. King Tomar VII (the great, great, great, great, great grandson of King Tomar), who was a guest at Braxtierny at the time, was slain along with countless others. This tragedy set off a chain reaction of political turmoil. The Kingdom of Tomarin disintegrated back into warring clans.

Braxtierny itself was utterly destroyed in the explosion. Iiron plating, stone blocks and molten metal rained down upon the region in a radius of 100 kilometers. This ignited terrible forest fires which scorched the region. The fire cairn itself split vertically, leaving a gaping gash in the southern wall.

Braxtierny Today

Despite their self-professed honor and civility, there were many who came to pick the bones of Braxtierny like vultures. Treasure, metal ingots, weapons and anything else of value was carted away. Little of the top level citadel is left beyond fragments of the outer wall.

Because the fire cairn split up the side, it is possible to walk into the cairn and look up and see the different levels of the interior. Subterranean chambers were ripped open, exposed to the light of day. The ends of broken pipes rust in the sunlight. Walls, floors of the stacked levels continue to crumble and break apart to this day.

This place is considered haunted by most people in the region. Initially, treasure lured the brave. But now there is nothing of value left. No one comes here. It is, in every sense, a dead citadel.

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