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Bone Hill


Bone Hill refers to both a large grass covered hill and the ancient stone castle that straddles it. Within the bowels of the hill is a network of large caves that connect both to the lower levels of the castle and also pierce the sides of the hill in three locations - two small rocky openings and a cavernous maw opened wide in the side of the hill.


Bone Hill is in the grassy plains between the War Vale and the Falkir Clans.

Known History

The castle at Bone Hill was the home of Alrem Evarel himself, the leader of the Alliance Mage Lords and the great wizard who conceived the Focusing. This magnificent castle, known as Karaguin, was a quiet retreat for Lord Evarel and several other of the highest ranking Alliance Mage Lords. Bone Hill was known for having an impressive library and a number of laboratories and spell chambers.

After the Sundering occurred, the world was shaken by months of violent storms, land quakes and much worse. The World Storm, as it was known, devastated the realms. When the World Storm finally ended, the nations rose up in fury. Political upheaval and open warfare quickly followed. Like ripples in a pond, the effects of the Sundering spread out across the lands.

Public opinion and political support turned against the Alliance even as the Mage Lords discovered their magic weakening from the new blue sun. The Alliance Mage Lords found themselves persecuted and hounded by all forces, even their own empire. What was left of the Alliance, only 43 Mage Lords, gathered here at Bone Hill in 70 CY to regroup and rebuild their strength. They found only a few short years here and this place ended up being their last stand. In 74 CY, it became known publicly that the Alliance had returned to Karaguin. Forces loyal to the Thullian Empire gathered and laid siege to Karaguin.

This battle was a slaughter. The Alliance was routed in no small part because their magic was no longer reliable and their forces were outnumbered. It was at the battle of Bone Hill that Alrem Evaral himself was killed. His body was decapitated and dismembered. The pieces were paraded around by an angry mob. His head was hurled into a fire and his rotting body was hung from the castle walls. So ended the life and career of the greatest mage the world had ever known. The castle at Bone Hill has since by looted bare and wrecked.

Many of the remaining Alliance Mage Lords escaped from the Battle at Bone Hill. Afterwards, the Mage Lords were scattered and hunted down, one by one.

One legend says that there is a great treasure buried beneath for those who “have eyes to see it”. Many adventurers have ventured in and explored the musty ruins, but they always come out empty handed. Others have had unfortunate run-ins with a troll or an orc or worse.

Bone Hill Today

Bone Hill is named for the huge number of bones that can be found in the great cavern in the hill. Tens of thousands of bones are knee deep in the floor and stacked in ground mounds. Some of these bones were from the great Battle of Bone Hill. Many more came from a dragon that laired here for a couple of centuries. Later, the castle become infested with trolls and other creatures. It has been the lair of one creature or another for over a thousand years. Most recently, a group of trolls, orcs and goblins have been seen around the region of Bone Hill.


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