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Bekai is a large and mostly intact network of towers and city walls that converge at a great central fortress. The fortress and towers are crumbling and in disrepair, but what is left of them hints at the size of this once great city. This ruin is truly immense and fragments of road and wall show that the city once encompassed hundreds of acres. The sun baked stones are cracked with the weight of many centuries. Between the towers and walls is land of grass and shrubs gone wild.


Bekai lies in the heart of the Rukemian Empire near the south edge of the Snowy Timber forest. It is less than 20 kilometers from the nearest village and just a few kilometers off of one of the main roads of the Empire. It is very easy to get to.

Known History

Bekai was once the capital city of the Thullian Empire. At the height of the empire's power. Bekai was the greatest city on the continent of Ithria. when the World Storm struck, it suffered greatly from repeated landquakes. The Great War took its toll and the city suffered from civil strife, pestilence, famine and finally repeated attacks. In the end, the city of Bekai was laid seige and finally fell in 89 CY. The last alliance mage lord, Mandacas, was captured and executed here by Traxxian forces. The Traxxian warlords destroyed many of Bekai's greatest buildings. The citizens fled and Bekai was quickly abandoned as the war tore it apart. The Traxxians poisoned the water here and for many years afterward, nothing would grow and the wells were lethal. It has crumbled to ruin since.

Bekai Today

Bekai has been explored, searched and picked by thousands of treasure hunters over the years. It has been completely picked clean. Nothing of value remains. It is probably the best known and most explored ruin on the continent. Maps of the ruins of Bekai can be purchased at nearby villages. Locals will give tours for a few coppers. Once a grand city, this ruin is now nothing more than a tourist attraction for the Rukemian Empire.

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