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Akan's Bridge


Akan's Bridge is just that... an immense stone bridge that spans a dried up riverbed. A few crumbling buildings, road and walls surround the bridge. For centuries, a rumor has persisted that a great treasure lies buried somewhere in the ruined town. There are as many different theories and stories about the treasure as the people who tell them.


Akan's Bridge sits on a hilly region within the vast Greenwood of southern Chaddamar.

Known History

Akan's Bridge was once a major port town sitting on the highest navigable point of Idan's Ribbon. However, after the Sundering, the region was wracked with landquakes and the topography changed dramatically. Idan's Ribbon shifted course away from Akan's Bridge and the town was lifted up from beneath as the land beneath it bulged. Having no access to the river, the town was quickly abandoned.

Akan's Bridge Today

Every few months, young people from Chaddamar will come up the mountain to Akan's Bridge and try to find the lost treasure. Some are serious treasure hunters. Others simply wish to drink and revel through the night at a place they have been told to stay away from. Occasionally these would be treasure hunters or reverls run into a wolf or fall down a ravine, but for the most part, none of them find much adventure among the crumbling stones. No one has ever found the treasure.


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