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Adakon, once an immense fortified town of the Kytohan Empire, is now a lonely collection of crumbling walls, square towers and piles of boulders. It covers about three acres. Several abandoned mines surround the ancient town.


Adakon sits half way up an unnamed mountain overlooking a broad valley in the middle of the Helgar mountain range in eastern Aggradar.

Known History

Adakon was once a major town in the Kytohan Empire centuries ago. It was a major center for mining and lumber. It provided iron, copper and quarried stone for the empire.

Adakon Today

The mines here have been depleted. Many have caved in. Little remains of this once grand town and the road to Adakon is overgrown and treacherous.

There is an old hermit, an wild haired Aukarian named Demrin, that lives here. Other than Demrin, there is nothing here. No monsters. No treasure. It's a long difficult road to Adakon and there is little there to make the trip worth it.

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