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The Technomancers

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Craftsmen, smiths, alchemists, engineers 
Member of Members 280
Demographics Human 25%, Dwarven 20%, Grumman 20%, Phellysian 12%, Ogre 8%, Avarian 6%, Elven 5%, Other 4% 

Primary Location(s)



Prime Minister Albert Myrasen
Year Founded 1523 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Technomancers are a group of craftsmen, smiths, alchemists, sages, tinkerers, builders and thinkers united under the common belief that technology is superior to magic. This guild is intertwined with the government of Kalimura to such an extent that the master of this guild is also the political ruler of Kalimura. The two - guild and government - are virtually inseparable.

This group is led by Sir Albert Myrasen, Prime Minister of Kalimura and Lord Mayor of Orrojek. It has functions much as any guild does, differing only in that it also conducts the business of governing the nation. It has one central guild house, but maintains offices and officials in several buildings throughout Orrojek.

It is the Technomancers that have shaped Kalimura into a technological nation, outlawed magic in Orrojek and developed so many of the wonderful items that Kalimura is well known for (light plate armor, resisteweave armor, cannons, ballistae, paper, glass, paper money, spyglasses, spectacles, the printing press and more).


The history of the Technomancers is intertwined with that of the Kalimuran government. Both came into existence in 1523 CY and were founded by the same three independent thinkers. 

Goals and Motivation

The Technomancers are primarily interested in maintaining the pro-science, anti-magic environment of Orrojek and the entire nation of Kalimura. They are firmly dedicated to the principles of education, experimentation and science leading their nation to technological superiority over all other nations.

Allies and Enemies

The Technomancers have many allies within the nation of Kalimura including the government, the schools and universities and many of the guilds. The Technomancers also have frequent interaction with Chakford's Engineers, the Alliance of Alloys and several Drakkellian Guilds. There is bitter emnity between the Technomancers and the nation of Carrikos, but due to the sheer distance between these two groups, it is little more than propaganda.


The requirements for membership are strict and only the most skilled and dedicated craftsmen are allowed to join. This group has access to the best materials, tools and technical knowledge anywhere on Ithria. 

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Within the organization, Technomancers have a complex ranking system based on "merits". Merits are awarded (or taken away) by the Prime Minister once each year based on personal achievements, contributions to the scientific community and social conduct.




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