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The Obsidian Guard

The Obsidian Guard is a guild of rogues and thieves that operate in and around the city of Drakkel. Formerly a subgroup of the mighty Company, this guild broke free and now operates independently. The guild operates a winery as its coverů a legitimate business that covers their illegal activities. This place is known as the Obsidian Winery.

The Obsidian Winery serves as the guild's base of operations. The guild has 74 members. They are a mix of robbers, bandits, pickpockets, runaways, thugs and the occasionally skilled burglar. The older and more accomplished thieves train the younger ones in a variety of skills useful for thieving. In addition to training, younger members of the guild do daily chores to help run the winery. Such work is expected until after the young thief completes a minimum number of jobs for the guild and attains a minimum level of skill.

The grapes here have a very dark purple, almost black color and they result in a very darkly colored wine. The wine produced here is actually quite good and the winery turns a fair profit which is combined with the profits made from the guild's illegal activities. The wine is sold in Drakkel and throughout the Alliance. Many Drakkellians are familiar with Obsidian Wine, but few know it is connected to organized crime.

The winery/guild consists of seven buildings on 44 acres of land. A number of tunnels connect all the buildings and several hidden underground chambers as well.

The guild leader is Master Pendauer. Almost all members of this guild, including the officers and guild master, live on the premises of the winery.

The winery is located 2 miles from the city of Drakkel, in farmland.  

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