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Mariner's Eyes

"The Eyes trust no one and watch everyone".

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Number of Members 58
Demographics Human 70%, Orc 25%, Grum 5%

Primary Location(s)



Trimer Anakech
Year Founded 2565 CY
Symbol Black circle within a black circle over a waved line
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Mariner's Eyes is an organization dedicated to collecting and selling informations about the people of Tyrrenkor. Dozens of their spies wander the streets and monitor the activities of important people. Every man who can possibly have a significant role is on their list: a wealthy man, a Fellowship’s priestess, unusual strangers… and even the dreadful Selari Knights. Since their limited number and their recruitment policy, the task is far beyond their hand and they effectively often have to concentrate on specific targets (obtained from contracts, rumors…).

Their aim is to sell these information to anyone rich enough to pay for them. There not poor and won’t sell off restricted information hard to obtain. That’s why only the ruling or wealthy groups of the Coalition usually use their services.


This group was founded by a mariner orc Mog Tamak who worked against everyone for little reward, often pitting one group against another. His infamous reputation gained him followers, but also obliged him to hire many bodyguards and other information collectors. His assassination nearly disbanded the organization since all records had been kept by Mog himself and nothing had been written down. His followers decided to continue his work of gathering information. To prevent such a setback again, information was written and collected on papers that were carefully hidden and protected.

Growing in importance, the group became interested in more valuable targets, the Selari Knights among them. The Knights were not pleased by such intrusions and very nearly obliterated the Mariner's Eyes in 2612, 2638 and 2645 C.Y. Each time the Eyes reformed and continued since valuable information was always kept hidden and safe, waiting to be sold. After 2645 CY, the Mariner’s Eyes organization was reconsidered their position within Tyrrenkor and strove for neutrality. In so doing, they were able to add the Selari Knights to their list of employers. At this time, more than 300 persons worked for the group. However, such neutrality was not easy and corruption grew within the group. Leaks of key information were responsible for great tension between the ruling groups of Tyrrenkor.

In 2678 CY, Trimer Anakech began a purification campaign inside the organization with a few close friends. He developed a strong code of conduct and greatly reinforced the control on recruitments. Nowadays, he strives to maintain a subtle equilibrium between the ruling groups, being paid, feared, and protected by all of them. He plays one group against another with skill, much as Mog Tamak did so many years ago. With this delicate balancing act, the Selari Knights are kept at bay... for the moment.

Goals and Motivation

The primary goal of this group was to make money... but profit and greed alone led to generalized corruption. That’s why their new code of conduct is strongly based on improving the reputation and influence of this group.

Allies and Enemies

The Mariner's Eyes are formally allied with many of the seven ruling groups (at any particular time) and are on very good terms with many minor groups and wealthy people in the city. Nevertheless, allies can quickly become enemies if balance between them and neutrality are not carefully checked.


This group is quite difficult to join and membership is only by invitation of one of its member. The candidate’s life and habits are carefully watched. Magic is often employed to uncover true motivations and it is always strongly encouraged that a candidate volunteer such information themselves. The organization focuses on recruiting members of great skill and talent and uses only a small part of its resources on training.

Oaths and Codes

Members of the Mariner’s Eye swear an oath of loyalty to the organization which includes the four following laws:

- Never spy upon anyone without orders, whatever be their importance
- Never divulge any secret without permission, whoever be the inquirer
- Never sell unverified information, whatever be the price
- Never allow another member to break his oath, whatever be his rank

Rank Structure

The Mariner’s Eyes have a strict hierarchical structure in order to keep some distance between wandering spies and hidden secrets. This quite paranoid organization greatly fears magical control of its members. None of them, even their leader, is able to do critical action alone. The actual structure is:
- 39 “collectors” dedicated to information collection (i.e spy). There are specialists in various fields such as communication, seduction, mind magic, stealth, working under cover… They can work in groups to watch somebody and are dispatched according to their abilities and the needs of the missions.
- 10 “classifiers” dedicated to the gathering, sorting and tallying of information. They also manage administrative tasks.
- 5 “speakers” with the task of speaking in the name of the Mariner’s Eye. They are used to deal with customers or to solve problems of discovered “collectors”.
- 3 “councillors” which form the council with the leader. This council decides the "watch list", accepts or rejects recruitment or important transactions and makes decisions about the organization's development.
- 1 “leader”, currently Trimer Anakech. He has very few powers, but his voice counts double in the council.

There are no hired guards with in this organization for the Eyes trust no one.



The head quarter of the Mariner’s Eyes is a large but otherwise unremarkable house in Tyrrenkor. Every member who is not currently working undercover is expected to sleep there in order to reduce risks of information leaks. The entire house is devoted to dormitory, common living quarters, training rooms and a library. All important activities are held underground. Several chambers beneath the house hold meeting rooms, councillors’ room and the classical information storage room. The deepest level holds the critical information storage room. This is the true treasure of the Mariners Eye... key information about the ruling groups of Tyrrenkor.

The Guardian

The deepest level is guarded by a beast known simply as the Guardian. This thing was created by biomantic sorcery. What race this creature may have been is unknown but it is now an ogrish sized creature with four arms. Its large head most closely resembles a lizard with canine features (ears, nose…), and its back is covered with a thick shell. Its two upper arms are very powerful and have been seen to dismantle the walls of a small stone house. The lower ones are used to grip things. Its shorts legs look like that of a dythillin. Nothing remains of its former mind, and it is now only a stupid beast following commands from its masters.

The Mariners Eyes have spent, and still spend, a large part of their resources on the Guardian... for its creation and for a regular improvement of its abilities. The creature is capable of astounding leaps, is highly resistant to poison, cold or fire, and possesses a strength much greater than even its large size would suggest. On rare occasions, the guardian is used outside the house for short periods of time.

The Mariner's Eyes organization was created by Ludovic Mathieu.


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