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The Karoush Mining Consortium


Type of Organization


Type of Members

Guild Officers, Miners, Stone Masons, Guards, Metalworkers, Common Laborers, Slaves
Number of Members 3,700
Demographics Human (Padashani) 90%, Human (Anquaran) 4%, Human (Southern) 3%, Other 3%

 Primary Location(s)

The city of Qazadeen in the Padashan Empire.


Haroun Bakari
Year Founded 2124 CY
Symbol Iconic representation of land separating world above and world below.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Karoush Mining Consortium is a powerful econmic guild formed by an alliance of sixteen mining operations. Originally formed as a way for the small mines to share resources and borrow miners and laborers from each other, it has grown into a powerful organiation in its own right that jealously defends mining contracts, territory, establish mining practices, standards and sets market prices.

The Consortium holds considerable political sway in the Karoush province and in Qazadeen. The Consortium and the city government are closely intertwined with many political and economic ties. The ruling officers of the company are nobles and serve as viziers to the Jhad. The leader of the consortium is a noble named Haroun Bakari who holds the title "Minister of Mines", a title granted to him by the Jhad.

The main office is a large stone keep on the east side of the city of Qazadeen near to the east road which leads to the mining communities in the northern Fekwar Mountains. It is surrounded by multiple warehouses and guard barracks. The Consortium employs nearly a quarter of the city's population.

The Consortium sends raw iron, ingots and finished metal products north to the empire by road in heavily guarded caravans that are guarded by the consortium's own private security force.

The symbol of the Karoush Mining Consortium is an iconic representation of the surface of the land, the world above, the world beneath and the treasures obtained from the latter. Surrounding the symbol are padashani script which reads "Great are the gifts from Hram who hides the greatest of them not in the river or sea, but in the land".

This symbol is stamped into every iron ingot. It looks like this...




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