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Heroes of Ankar

Type of Organization

Independent Mercenary Company

Type of Members

Member of Members 6 mercs and 1 ship's crew
Demographics 2 Ankari, 1 Elf, 1 Grum, 1 Morphian, 1 Fae

Primary Location(s)

None (group is highly mobile)


Tanis Mondar, male Ankari aberrant mercenary leader
Year Founded 2711 CY
Symbol A dark, metallic ring on a shield and sword banner.
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

There are many small independent mercenary groups wandering the world. This is one of the more successful ones. This mercenary band is a recently formed group, yet they have already made a name for themselves in parts of Ithria and Aggradar. They are known as defenders of justice and the common man, and have a reputation for succeeding in the face of incredible odds. Though small, consisting of only 6 members, the collection of skills between the members is immense.

Among the very few outsiders who have been allowed to visit Ankar, Tanis’s Heroes are recognized as an officially sanctioned ‘mission’ to the other peoples of Khoras.

The leader and founder, Tanis Mondar, is only 21 years old, yet he has already seen places and inspired the awe of commoners and nobles alike on a scale consistent with great heroes whose names are recalled from the pages of a long and storied history. Similarly, his wife, Lyn Arian, has garnered a reputation among those who know her as someone not to be trifled with. Together with their friends and allies, these two set the course of many adventures.

The members of the group and their general role are:

Together, they do whatever work they find, as well as taking up quests from anyone who asks, with one condition. Tanis will only work for the good of others, and if he takes a job and discovers that he has been tricked into doing harm, will just as quickly right the wrong, often fighting government sponsored groups and underworld organizations alike in his quest to promote freedom, safety, and justice among those whose lands he passes through.

Though not officially members, the captain and crew of the reformed pirate ship Dawn’s Voyage are close friends and allies of this group, and act as contacts and means of passage to other continents for Tanis and his Heroes.


Tanis Mondar left his home in Haven, the capital of Ankar the day after his seventeenth birthday, to see the world and find a sense of belonging with the peoples of Khoras to better understand how to fit in with his own people, as he is an aberrant and has always felt slightly alienated from others. He is highly intelligent and benevolent, and is a skilled swordsman, mage, smith, and engineer. His journeys quickly became a general quest to right the wrongs of the world, and do and see everything along the way.

Lyn Arian, Tanis’s childhood sweetheart, followed him to Ithria from the hidden land of the Ankari shortly after he left. She caught up to him and convinced him that he might face danger, and would need the aid of another highly skilled fighter and experienced mage.

As they journeyed through Ethara, they soon met Maxiolignys, or Max as he is referred to by the others in the band. He found a kindred spirit in Tanis, and offered to join his mercenary band. He initially pretended to be a human, but Tanis quickly discovered the truth of his race, and offered him safe haven and a sense of belonging.

Some time later, the group made it’s way to Cyrell, and it was there that they met Cyran, or Cy, a young lesser Elven noble who had become a cleric and archer and developed wanderlust due to having no immediate duties as a result of being far removed from the line of succession for his house. After witnessing and aiding the others, he joined the band to explore the world and experience life outside the comforts of city life in Ennathe.

Faeris, usually called Fae, lived in the eastern reaches of the Grand Wood and protected the local animals along with her friend and companion Kyt, a forest draconis. She joined the band for two reasons. First, she felt beholden to the group for helping her save the animals under her protection, and secondly, she had become smitten with Cyran, and wished to travel with him. It was the first time she had journeyed out of the Grand Wood, and she is sometimes very naïve about the outside world, so Lyn made it a personal duty to watch out for her.

Taj, the last member, was a traveling Grumman thief and general troublemaker. He hails from the Khenshire, and joined by default after he convinced himself that he and Tanis were destined companions and followed the others for three days before Tanis finally realized the only way to keep him out of the way was to allow him to travel with the others. While kindhearted, he simply finds himself unable to leave things as they are, often instigating ‘adventures’ for the group. He is, however, one of the best thieves of his generation, and has consequently saved the others many times in dungeons and other dangerous situations. He is also rather excitable.

In the four years since the official ‘founding’ of the Heroes of Ankar, they have done much to aid Kitar against Duthelm, fight local bandits and other evil groups based in specific locations, and have even travelled more than once to Aggradar. They are one of the few groups known to have successfully entered and traversed the Desolation of Shidar, and have fought a battle with the dragon Verraximaul, though due to the relative stalemate of the two combatants and the danger involved, settled for simply looting the dragon’s lair of valuables and leaving. Considering the immense challenge of actually slaying a dragon, the fact that they managed to fight one and not lose a single man is testament to their battle prowess and the effectiveness of the varied members working cohesively.

Now they can be found traveling the world, popping up here and there at random, their direction often based on the whims of Tanis’s lust for adventure and novelty. They can be difficult to recognize, as they travel humbly, often hiking to destinations, and have no qualms about accepting the company of peasants and royalty alike.

Goals and Motivation

The only real goal for the Heroes of Ankar is traveling and doing good where they can along the way. They have a tendency to attempt extremely hazardous quests and jobs, and thus sometimes do things simply to test their skills and wits.

Allies and Enemies

Though the Heroes of Ankar have no official allies, they have done jobs for King Sendel Drachens of Normidia, King Alfred II of Mercia, Lady Erelicias Syntha, Queen of Cyrell, and Sir Albert Myrasen, Prime Minister of Kitar.

They are officially opposed to the Coalition, Duthelm, the Trossoli Dominion, Lothiramar the Sorcerer King, and the Xorians.


The Heroes of Ankar is a very small and close knit group, and while they may ally with others to further their ends, they are not currently open to join. 

Oaths and Codes

As it is a very small and informal band of mercenary adventurers, there is no need for oaths or codes. The only code is that of friendship, as all members consider their companions family and thus are fiercely loyal to each other.

Rank Structure

There is no rank structure within the group, as they consider each other equals. However, Tanis is always deferred to, and he is definitely the guiding spirit and leader of the group. 




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