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The Council of Arcane Law

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Sorcerers, alchemists, administrators 
Member of Members 640
Demographics Human (Aukarian) 75%, Vaullian 10%, Saridian 7%, Human (Chaddamarian) 5%, Other 3% 

Primary Location(s)

Aukarian Republic


Daerune Gelwauti, Council Leader
Year Founded 2392 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Council of Arcane Law is charged with regulating magical training. The Council monitors who is allowed to train in the magical arts, what enchanted objects are created, what new spells can be researched and things of that nature. The Council's primary duty is to control all magic within the Aukarian Republic and make sure that no Aukarian mage ever is allowed to amass power and become a power hungry dictator. Aukaria can not afford another Sorcerer King.


This group was formed as a direct response to the Sorcerer King's rules and subsequent coup that overthrew him. The Republic vowed never to let any such evil force rise to power again. It was formed in 2392 CY, within just 2 years of the Republic reforming after the Sorcerer King's reign had ended.

Goals and Motivation

The Council of Arcane Law is charged with 

Allies and Enemies

The Sorcerer King is the very reason for this office to exist. Therefore, this organization is directly opposed to that dread lord and his minions. Beyond this, the Council opposes any high level magic user that does not register with them and stays in the Republic. Any mage in the Republic for an extended period of time MUST register with the Council. Any mage who refuses is an enemy of the state and a criminal..


Membership is granted by the Senate. Political officers, administrators and mages are appointed to their positions based on skills, temperament and loyalty to the Senate. Many hundreds of mages and government officials apply to the Council every year.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Council Leader - Daerune Gelwauti rules the council as Council Leader.

Council Members - These are the decision makers of the Council of Arcane Law. They command all other lower ranking members.

Instructors at the Academy - All instructors at the Academy are registered with the Council. They answer to the council members.

Mage Hunters - These are mages who specialize in tracking down sources of magical energy in the Republic. This includes spells being cast and magic items. Any source of magical power which can not be accounted for is investigated. Mage Hunters man the towns and cities and monitor the comings and goings of caravans, travelers and pilgrims. Anyone with a powerful magic item will be watched. Mage Hunters are responsible for tracking down rogue mages and bringing them to justice. Mage Hunters answer to the council members.

Registered Mages - Mages and sorcerers who live in the Republic and are registered, but do not work directly for the Council. House Wizards fall under this category.




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