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The Brotherhood of the Dragon


Type of Organization


Type of Members

Scholars, Historians, Warriors, Wilderness Scouts and others
Number of Members 182
Demographics Human 60%, Saurian 15%, Dwarven 9%, Avarian 6%, Elven 4%, Phellysian 3%, Grumman 2%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)



Arthus Dramadon, Human Male
Year Founded 2197 CY
Symbol Dragon claw, Wing and Flame Spout
Group Wealth Very wealthy
Group Stability Very stable

General Description

This wealthy group has existed for more than seven hundred years. It is dedicated to the study and lore of dragons. This group is responsible for almost everything the world knows of the rare creatures. The main headquarters for this group is a large keep in Ithell known as Dragon Keep.

Dragon Keep is fashioned of stone and stands five stories tall. Vaulted ceilings, high towers and fluttering banners all contribute to the majesty of the building. It’s crowning feature, however, is a huge dragon sculpture whose wings spread over the main entrance. This imposing statue leaves quite an impression on the first time visitor. Dragon Keep houses a vast library, a museum of dragon artifacts and a great conference hall. Dozens of members of the Brotherhood live here permanently.

Scouts employed by the brotherhood travel the world following rumors and reports and seeking out dragons or newly discovered lairs. Anytime a new dragon or lair is discovered, the Brotherhood sends out a team to investigate and gather as much information as possible. This is a very slow process. It's a large world and dragons are rare. It can take many months, and sometimes years, of careful research, extensive travel and persistent exploration to confirm the existence of a new dragon and its lair. Information and artifacts (dragon scales, broken claws, egg shell fragments, dragon slime, etc) are gathered and taken back to Dragon Keep.

If the dragon poses a threat to nearby towns or villages, the Brotherhood may take action in an attempt to drive the creature out of its lair or to kill it. Because dragons are so incredibly dangerous, this often requires the combined efforts of scores of highly trained dragon hunters, warriors and wizards.

Because dragons occasionally will relocate and establish a new lair, the group is forced to update its lore often, even on dragons that are already known.


In the year 2018 CY, a group of would-be dragon slayers traveled to the lair of the great wyrm Vurithron in the southern reaches of the Thunder Peaks. This group included the wizard Vandok, the dragon scholar Traigus, the mercenary warrior Korzoth and a score of soldiers, archers and sellswords. The battle was fierce and more than half the group was killed. But in the end, the dragon Vurithron was slain. Among it’s huge hoard was the Diamond known as the Flaming Heart and a veritable king's ransom. The hoard was recovered and this wealth was used to establish the Brotherhood of the Dragon.

Traigus used his portion to purchase and rebuild a small keep in the city of Ithell. He named this building Dragon Keep. He hired several of the survivors from the battle and formed the initial group which took later name itself "the Brotherhood of the Dragon". The group started small, with less than two dozen members. But over the decades, it was grown. With each successfully kill, the group recovers another treasure hoard and added to their coffers.

Now seven centuries later, the group has catalogued information on scores of dragons and as many lairs. In that time, a total of eleven dragons have been killed by the Brotherhood. Nine of those had hoards that were recovered. Of the other two, one hoard was lost in a battle with the draconian saurian cult that had worshiped the dragon and in the other case, the dragon had not accumulated a hoard.

In the beginning, Traigus worked hard to ensure that the group would be firmly focused on dragon lore and not just the acquisition of wealth. He was successful. Centuries after his death, the group has maintained an academic focus. It's primary purpose is gathering knowledge about dragons.

Goals and Motivation

The Brotherhood of the Dragon has three distinct goals:

1. Learn everything there is to know about dragons.
2. Find, identify, name and study every living dragon.
3. Protect the civilized world from dragons when necessary.

Allies and Enemies

The Brotherhood of the Dragon generally enjoys a favorable reputation in society. There are often those who donate money in thanks for slaying the dragon who killed their loved one. Others simply see the benefit in learning about and keeping an eye on the dragons of the world. In particular, the Lore Masters are on very good terms with the Brotherhood of the Dragon.

Although the Brotherhood of the Dragon has no formal enemies, there have been some brutal and bloody conflicts with various draconian saurian groups that worship dragons. Those saurians believe dragons are gods who should be venerated, not studied.


The Brotherhood of the Dragon is very selective about who it allows to join.

First, a candidate for membership must be sponsered by an existing member.

Second, the candidate must bring an artifact from a real dragon. Most candidates bring dragon scales gathered near lairs. A few bring files of dragon blood. Fewer still bring teeth or claws. Other things may also be accepted. A new book or bit of lore about dragons that the brotherhood does not already possess would be accepted. If no artifact is given, then a sizeable donation will suffice… typically 500 gold pieces.

If those two conditions are met, the council of dragon elders will take a vote and then extend an invitation to the candidate.

Once a candidate has joined as a full member, he or she is allowed full use of the facilities at Dragon Keep and is allowed to peruse the Brotherhood's vast collection of dragon-related artifacts, books and maps. The new member will be given duties and will be invited to participate in activities.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The brotherhood is led by a council of thirteen "dragon elders". These thirteen direct the group. They vote on new members, decide where to send the scouts, decide how to deal with specific dragons, etc. Their odd number guarantees that there are no ties in their voting. Beneath the dragon elders, there is a loose hierarchy based on seniority and accomplishments. But in all matters, the council decides.


Traditionally, whoever discovers a new dragon is allowed to name it. Sometimes that right is given to this group. The naming of a new dragon has fallen to the Brotherhood several times in its history.


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