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The Throne of Mirodin

Also known as the Rock of Ages, the Kingís Stone and the Temple of the Dwarven Kings.

This is a large courtyard cut into the stone at the very top of Mount Harrokune, the tallest mountain in the Northern Tusks and the peak which is directly above Urmordia. The courtyard has many statues, stone benches and a huge throne carved into the very living rock of the mountain. Huge stone obelisks carved with dwarven runes bear the names of all the dwarven kings who have ever ruled Urmordia. The statues are of the Kings as well.

Here, upon the central dias, the next-in-line kneels before the High Priest of Uxamar and swears an oath of fealty to Urmordia. He then assumes the throne and the heads of the state give speeches to the assembled crowd and present their new king with gifts.

This ceremony in which a new king is crowned is the only time that this temple is used. The rest of the time, this hallowed place is empty and forgotten. It may sit for many decades between uses. The site is protected by priestly magic. A small bell hangs in a stone archway in the temple. If intruders venture into the temple, the bell will begin to ring. It is magically linked to a similar, but much larger bell, that dwells in the Temple of Uxamar deep in Urmordia. This larger bell is known as the Bell of Mirodinís Throne. Should any violate the sanctity of this temple, the dwarves would know of it.

A single long staircase winds its way up the side of the mountain to the temple. It leads from the Gate of Kings in Urmordia to the temple high above. The Gate of Kings is only opened for this one ceremony and is closed and barred at all other times.

The crowning ceremony will typically involve about three or four hundred of the highest ranking dwarven citizens Ė nobles, priests, wizards, craftsmen, military officers and the like, along with a small honor guard of elite dwarven soldiers. This is a very private dwarven ceremony and attendance is by invitation only.

In 1451 CY, an orcish army under the great orcish chieftain Krumkol defaced the Throne of Mirodin. The dwarves, who monitor their mountain top temple with the Bell of Mirodinís Throne, discovered this and came to defend their ancient temple. However, they came too late. The orcs had defiled the temple with their filth and wrought damage where they could. The throne itself, however, had withstood their attempts to break it. The great temple was repaired. This incident led to the War of the Throne and it raged for 3 years. The dwarves attacked the orcish army of Krumkol at every opportunity and pursued them relentlessly. The War of the Throne ended with the death of the orcish chieftain Krumkol. Krumkolís subchieftains were put to the sword and every last follower of Krumkolís army was executed. Krumkolís family was hunted down and killed. Every last member of his clan was wiped out. Only then did the dwarves rest.

The orcs have not set foot near the Throne of Mirodin since, not once in over 1250 years.

It is said that additional defenses and spells now surround the great mountain top temple, but only the dwarves know for sure. The orcs, it seems, are unwilling to test the dwarven defenses.


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