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The Provinces of the Padashan Empire

The Provinces

Province Provincial Seat Provincial Population (Estimated) Description
Nalihar Aramanda 3,300,000

The province of Nalihar is home to the imperical capital city of Aramanda. As such, this province is the seat of the imperial government and the heart of the empire. It is, by far, the most populous and wealthy of all twelve imperial provinces. It is known for its many orchards, fragrant fields of flowers, flower derived dyes and textiles. Bright colors are strongly associated with the region. Nalihar has a mild climate, excellent soil, good stone quarries, some timber and good mineral wealth. The province of NaliharĀ also conducts extensive irrigation which improves farming.

Karoush Qazadeen 2,900,000 The province of Karoush is home to the city of Qazadeen, the second largest city in the empire. This province is famous for extensive mining operations, skilled black smiths and a strong economy based on metal crafted goods. It is also home to one of the major temples of the Hramish faith which is situationed at the headwaters of the Great Nupar River. Dozens of mining villages are scattered throughout the province. As the most recently conquered region, the province is known for it's rebellious stance toward imperial rule and the stubborn nature of its citizenry.
Unilijar Maslen 2,500,000 Unilijar is actually the smallest of all twelve provinces in land area. However, it is the third most populated and an important trade hub for river traffic and caravans.
Raleban Almad 2,400,000 The province of Raleban sits in the far northwest corner of the empire. The town of Almad is a major port city known for ship building. As the closest port to Ithria, it sees a lot of international trade. Due to its distant location and frequent interactions with foreigners, the people of this province sometimes have to fight the stigma of being "not fully Padashani".
Tamerlin Nashqufi 2,200,000 The province of Tamerlin is associated closely with the Nupar River, more so than any other province. Dozens of fishing villages sit along the river. River barges travel up and down stream constantly moving goods and people. Aquaducts carry water to nearby farming villages.
Nohabar Kamusat 2,000,000 The province of Nohabar is situated in the northeast corner of the empire. The town of Kamusat and the region's dozens of fishing villages are charged with the defense of the entire east coast. The people of Kamusat have a reputatoin for ruggedness and fighting skill. They are said to be the best sailors in the empire and they take great pride in their ship building.
Afferad Bahamatra 1,800,000 The province of Afferad consists mostly of deep desert. It has the most brutally dry landscape, the hottest temperatures and the most frequent sandstorms. The citizens of tbhis province are a hardy folk who are proud of their heritage, culture and survival in an inhospitable region. This province is home to vast orchards of casmian date palms, a type of date palm which thrives in the dry conditions of the deep desert. The dates are fermented and made into casmian wine. Casmian dates and casmian wine are both strongly associated with the region and a major export.
Iciral Hassan 1,500,000 The province of Iciral is a minor trade region. Goods transported by river must change between barge and raft here at the town of Hassan. Iciral is also the birthplace and home province of the current reigning emperor. As such, this smaller province enjoys some favor from the emperor.
Ofahalin Ankan 1,200,000 The province of Ofahalin is notable for numerous elaborate stone tombs that predate the empire by several thousand years. It is also the site of several major battles that occurred during the expansion of the empire.
Hidoratha Visaal 800,000 The small province of Hidoratha defends the empire from threats coming from the Ahtabi Desert. Visaal is seen, by some, as a rowdy seaport town. The region is known for military strength, numerous mercenary groups and expeditions in the Ahtabi.
Adalijan Ikemar 400,000 This sparsely populated province is home to the town of Ikemar which is a major military outpost. This province defends the empire from numerous threats from the southwest. Mandalarian raiding parties frequently strike at villages in this province and monsters sometimes roam down from the mountains. Despite its low population, this province is home to several large military groups and a large portion of the imperial armies.
Mahsudi Khahalli 300,000 The province of Mahsudi is an agricultural region. Thanks to an extensive irrigation system, it is the bread basket of the empire. Hundreds of farms fill the river valley. Heavily laden river barges carry food down river to the capital city of Aramanda.



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