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Fey Hills and Clan Randroga


Fey Hills is one of the clan regions of the Kingdom of Normidia. The town of Hunter's Rest is the clan seat where Clan Randroga holds power. The Randrogas are a very old family in Normidia with a number of famous hunters in their lineage. Clan Randroga is currently headed by Duke Arden Randroga and his wife, the Duchess Randroga.

Clan Randroga oversees the Fey Hills region, which encompasses a large swath of the foothills of the Dragonclaw Mountains. They are entrusted with keeping the borders in that region safe. A sizeable militia is maintained year round in the town of Hunter's Rest, many of whom are mounted. The local villages maintain militias as well. The Randrogas and their men are accustomed to dealing with orcish raiders frequently.

Hunter's Rest is the launch point for most hunting parties in the region, especially the large groups which venture far into the wilderness and hunt the dreaded torgat in the northwestern forests.

Keric Randroga, the eldest son of Duke Randroga, is the heir apparent of the clan and pride of the family. A renowned hunter, Keric left two years ago to travel around the continent and hunt a variety of creatures. He travelled with Dox, his squire, Redak, a wizard, Ketaka, his chronicler, Danskel, his mentor and advisor and Kalkarod, his personal bodyguard. Fifteen months ago, this group of six men entered the Barakose Swamp in an attempt to hunt a scythe lizard. The group has not been seen since.

News of their disappearance has made its way back to Normidia and become a concern for the clan. Several hunters have volunteered to undertake the long journey to the Barakose Swamp to begin a search for the lost princeling.

The coat of arms of Randroga



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