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The Town of Riverfort

The town of Riverfort is a small unwalled town that sits at the mouth of the Barakose River, on the border between Mercia and the vast Barakose Swamp. The single fortified keep, which gives the town its name, a stout fort of stone walls, towers and spires. Clusterd around the keep is a small town... a collection of several score wood and stone buildings with steeply sloped roofs and tall chimneys. Four large wooden docks jutt out into the sea, surrounded by a dozen or so small fishing boats. A large stone bridge spans the mouth of the river with stone gate house on the other end.

Riverfort is ruled by Baron Valios Kreydor III, who pays fealty to the Duke of Willow Bay. The military keep serves as the home of the Baron's family. This stout three story castle has stood for more than a century and has had many additions built over the years. Although the town is not walled, the keep itself is walled with a central courtyard and garden.

The town of Riverfort is a mix of farmers and fishermen. It has a small militia of thirty full time men-at-arms who are stationed at the Baron's Keep and can muster up a larger force of perhaps one hundred men, made up of fishermen and farmers from the local villages.

The Baron is a wealthy man... wealthier than one might expect for his position. He has managed to make several significant additions to the Keep and turn it into a small, but lavish, fortified home. In addition, he possesses a marvelous gemstone... a fire opal that is valued at more than 15,000 gold pieces. It is called the "Eye of Krodus" (named after a pirate from local folklore). The Eye of Krodus is, literally, the crown jewel of the treasury and the Baron's most prized possession.


Important People in Riverfort

Baron Valios Kreydor III Baron and ruler of Riverfort. The Baron is an avid hunter and soldier. He doesn't really like wizards or magic, but grudgingly tolerates both.
Baroness Adelia Kreydor Baroness, wife of the Baron.
Sir Garold Bren The Baron's seneschal and town magistrate. Handles all legal and financial matters. The Baron's right hand man.
Captain Kroetha Ranking military officer. He is in charge of the keep and its soldiers.
Valios Kreydor IV Son of the Baron. 16 years old. Betrothed to the daughter of a wealthy land owner in the War Vale, an arranged marriage than the young Valios seeks to escape from.
Dagginmor The Court Wizard. Advisor to the Baron. Lives in a small stone tower overlooking the town.
Brennar Librarian and scribe. Lives at the Keep. Personal aide to the Baron.


The Greased Pig

The Greased Pig is a large tavern and inn at the center of town. It serves good ale and is often filled with lively music and dancing. Wild boars, hunted at the edges of the swamp, are roasted and carved up here. Wild boar is, in fact, the house specialty dish for which the business is named. In addition to good food, the Greased Pig has four small rooms for rent. A slim, unassuming man named Chalrik owns the place and tends bar. He lives here and runs the place with his wife, son and uncle.


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