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The Village of Corfe Mullen


Corfe Mullen is a tiny farming village on the south west border of Jannerus. It lies between the town of Barron's Wall and the great city of Ithell. It sits on one of the small tributeries leading into the great Merchant's Highway river.

Corfe Mullen is a mix of humans and grum, mostly farmers. The total population is about 300 people. It has one small roadside tavern named the Weary Foot which also serves as a trading post, inn and social center. Most travelers through the area will be told the Steel Gryphon has good food and a few rooms for rent.

The Weary Foot

The Weary Foot tavern is run by a family of grum. Ethel, a very maternal and somewhat overbearing old grumman woman, will usher in locals, travelers and anyone who looks like they need a good home cooked meal. She will wash dirty clothes, bandage wounds and feed visitors her famous rabbit stew. The tavern is mostly empty during the day, but will be crowded with an assortment of colorful local characters in the evening. Impromptu song, dance and music are a common occurance.

The Muddy Grounds

Just outside of Corfe Mullen, to the west, there is a vast expanse of muddy ground. This muddy tract is a vast, circular region more than 200 kilometers in diameter. The mud is thick here and very difficult to traverse. The ground is uneven. There are small hills here and there throughout. Regardless of the weather, even on the hottest summer days, it is muddy here. The locals call this area the "muddy grounds". It seems these "muddy grounds" are ancient. They appear on maps dating back to the days before the Great War.

Something in the soil here limits plant life. Only a few hardy specimens of plants manage to survive. Animals are few here as well. Finally, the whole region has a faint magical aura about it. The locals believe that some great magic created the muddy grounds and that the magic persists today. There is likely some truth to this. Some wizards have found that a powerful enough dispell magic spell will cause the mud to turn to solid ground... at least in a small area and for a few minutes. To date, no scholar or wizard has conducted a rigorous study of the region or the strange faint magical aura found here.

Local children from Corfe Mullen will often dare each other to see who will venture the furthest out into the muddy grounds. Most locals ignore it. If one does venture out deep into the muddy grounds and searches, many interesting things can be uncovered. The occasional sword or arrow or piece of armor... a leather saddle or horseshoe. It seems there were battles fought here once, long ago. There is no telling what history, and what secrets, might be buried in the mud.


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