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"To disobey me is to break faith with the Gods."
- Duke Dralimar

Ruler Duke Varkan Dralimar
Population 17,000
Demographics Human (Tomarin) 80%, Magrakian 12%, Hyttar 6%, Other 2%
Languages Tomarin 90%, Magrakian 8%, Hyttar 2%
National Colors Red and grey.
Symbol A profile depiction of Duke Dralimar surrounded by an aura.
Natural Resources Iron, granite, silver
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Iron ingots, iron forged weapons and armor, metal goods, jewelry, quarried stone and timber.
Wealth Average
Primary Religion See below.
Other Religions None


Aeschler is one of the great Iron Citadels in the land of the Iron States. It lies in the eastern lands of the Tomarin and oversees a dozen villages. The great citadel itself and the town around it are home to some 17,000 citizens.

Aeschlar is ruled by Duke Varkan Dralimar, a hugely obese man known for pale skin and a completely bald head. He is a thoroughly unattractive man with a bulbous nose, watery eyes and warty growths on his face and body. His repuslive body is a match for his spirit. The Duke is a thoroughly evil man, known for having risen to power through treachery, deceit and blackmail. He is an arrogant, self-centered narcissit who is quick to anger and abusive to servants and slaves. His sadistic tendencies find many outlets. He is famous for his creative punishments and frequent executions.

Duke Dralimar considers himself an intelligent and deeply philosophical man who is destined to rule. While it is true that he is a deeply religious man, he follows a bizarre blend of several religions that he seems to have concocted himself. Elements of Olgrom, Chaddamar and Guelrilath are mixed together along with deep superstition, strange rituals and his own delusional ideas. He sees himself as the god's representative in the world. This complex fusion of beliefs greatly influences the Duke's ruling style and day to day activities.

All other religions are forbidden here and visiting priests of other religions will be watched closely. Any proselytizing of a foreign religion will get the person quickly jailed.

Because of the Duke's frequent mood swings, abusive ruling style and bizarre religious faith, the citadel of Aeshler has been losing citizens, wealth and influence for decades. It has been in decline since he came to power and it's only a matter of time before his army rebels or a neighboring citadel decides to attack.

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