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Duchye is a major fishing and mining town on the west coast of Esthar. It quarries sand stone from a number of cliffs around the town and fishes boats from Duchye venture deep into the sea. Duchye maintains a large harbor and hosts trading ships from as far as the Padashan Empire and the Chaddamarian Theocracy. Such naval traffic attracts pirates. Duchye also suffers the brunt of raiding parties from the Fire Isles. To deal with such threats, Duchye maintains a force of seven small war galleys.

According to legend, many centuries ago a Kytohan ship sank somewhere off the coast of Umpal carrying with it a fortune in imperial gold. Many tales surround the lost shipwreck stating that a curse brought it. Those who have gone searching for the wreck have failed to find it or failed to return at all.


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