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The town of Abadan is a very old town with a history that goes back to the times before the Kytohan Empire. Back then, Abadan was a much larger town and was, at the time, the cultural center of the eshtari. When the Kytohan Empire came with gifts and honeyed words to woo the esthari priests and elders, it was to Abadan that they came. It has been said that the eshtari were conquered without bloodshed. And so, the Kytohan Empire annexed the eshtari and proclaimed them the “Imperial Province of Eshtar”. The empire built a stronghold here just outside the city of Abadan - a hulking fortress of sandstone towers and parapets. A garrison of soldiers was stationed here and it was to this stronghold that the eshtari paid their annual tax.

When the Sundering occurred and the World Storm struck, violent land quakes devastated the region. The land around Abadan split and shifted, rising and dropping to form cliffs and steppes. Half the town of Abadan was swallowed by the sudden opening of a great chasm killing thousands. When the quakes finally settled, Abadan found itself much smaller, crowded by cliffs on one side and a precipice on the other.

This unique geological history has affected the town of Abadan in several ways. The terrain in the region is now significantly rougher and more treacherous, making the town harder to get to. There is only one safe road through the region which takes a winding trek through the hills. Off road, the terrain is very difficult to traverse.

Because of the clefting of the land and the sudden appearance of many cliff faces, the region is known for hundreds of small waterfalls that appear suddenly after rain and vanish within a day.

The town of Abadan is known for its many orchards that now surround the town, taking advantage of the natural terraces. Wild flowers grow in abundance here and every garden and terrace bursts with color.

Abadan is also known as the home of Ubatli…a reclusive eshtari sorcerer who is said to be the most powerful wizard in the lands. He lives alone in a great, crumbling tower high on the cliffs overlooking the town. Ubatli takes no apprentices and receives few visitors. He rarely ventures forth from his tower.

The once great imperial fortress is now just a nearby ruin, choked with weeds and wild flowers.


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