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The Town of Price


The town of Price is one of the towns allied with Drakkel that formerly constitute the Drakkellian Alliance. Like all towns and cities in the Drakkellian Alliance, the towns are ruled by mercantile guilds that rule over a thriving economy. Price has a good school and many scholars and artisans. Many Drakkellian nobles have second houses in Price. Price has earned a reputation for being a good place to fence stolen art, find obscure texts or pick up a rare exotic curio from a distant land.

The Witch

There is a witch who lives a few miles outside of Price. Her name is Grethela and her heritage is somewhat questionable. Some say she is half ogre and other say she's just ugly. In any case, she keeps to herself and most describe her as ornery and dour (and that's on a good day). She is quite skilled in the arts of alchemy and herbalism. She spends her days in the forest gathering herbs, roots, toadstools and berries. She spends her evenings brewing potions in a great black iron cauldron. She has a recipe for almost any potion imaginable - love potions, healing draughts, sleep potions, poisons, antidotes, potions of courage, potions of luck and much more. She sells them on market day in Price and to any who visit her humble home (which is a tree house in the forest). She has a reputation for being able to cure any ill, whether that be a broken bone, a broken heart or a broken promise. The town constable doesn't like Grethela in the least and hopes that one day he can ban her from entering the city or drive her away for good. Despite his efforts to keep her away from the town, her potions are still quite popular.

Inns and Taverns

Name Owner/Operator Description
Red Axe Rooms Kalrat The Red Axe Rooms is a small stone two story inn with a ground floor common room.  It is the most secure with twelve private rooms each with barred windows, stout oak doors and heavy iron locks. There are also hired guards on duty at all times. The proprietor, a human named Kalrat, is an ex-soldier with the scars to prove it. He makes sure that his guests are safe and the inn is secure. The inn gets its name from Kalrat's great axe which hangs above the bar. Both blood stains and rust have turned it red.
Silver Swan Inn Paliathen Paliathen runs the Silver Swan Inn, the most expensive inn in town. The Silver Swan has six luxurious suites for 5 gold pieces per night, twenty private rooms for 2 gold pieces per night, a number of conference rooms.
Wounded Wolf Tavern Reldun The Wounded Wolf is a large and boisterous tavern in the center of town. Most town folk agree it has the best food and drinks. Eight private rooms for 5 silver pieces per night. Owned and run by a popular young man who inherited the tavern from his father, Grendalin, a wealthy merchant who made his fortune trading throughout the southlands. Reldun has a staff of five. The cook, a half orc named Mosh, makes a dish he calls "pepper beef stew" which is very popular with the regulars. Reldun has no wife or children. His only family is his dog, Growzer, who he loves more than anything. The tavern is named after his dog who is always managing to get himself injured or sick.
Home of the Elven Song Iltanali Run by a family of elves, this inn is a three story wooden building at the heart of the town.
Blue Mountain Inn Juenar This humble inn has only 6 private rooms and one large common sleeping room in addition to a small dining room and bar. The Blue Mountain Inn stands atop a hill overlooking the town. Common room is 2 coppers and a private room is 1 sp.
The Beggar's Coin Rynok The cheapest inn in the town. It has four common rooms that anyone can stay in for 1 cp. It has three small private rooms for 5 cp each.

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