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"Skilled at cards? Lucky with dice? This game uses both".
Priat Muntar, Sea Gypsy and Captain of the Fanged Feather

Raljath is a popular gambling game played with both cards and dice. Originally invented in Anquar, it has become very popular in the southern half of Ithria, particularly in the Drakkellian Alliance where it is common game in most gambling halls. The sea gypsies play raljath a great deal and they are likely the ones who have spread it throughout this part of the world. Raljath is also played in Asylum, the Coalition, the Pirate Isles and Mercia.

Although it's original Anquaran name is raljath and the Drakkellians have kept that name, it goes by other names in other places. It is called "Bones and Plaques" by the sea gypsies, "Rock and Shield" in the Coalition and "High Tower" in Mercia.

Sea gypsies will often settle disputes with a game of Bones and Plaques.

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