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Burkar Imports and the Sea Rakers

Location City of Drakkel, Drakkellian Alliance
Guild Master Lord Marrek Burkar
Sigil A horn over a wave.
Number of Employees 240

Burkar Imports specializes in importing goods for Qeshir. The guild imports a great deal of spice and silks from the Padashan Empire and wool, steel, horses and marble from Anquar.

The Sea Rakers conduct piracy, smuggling, kidnapping and extortion. (see below)


Burkar Imports is a small, prosperous guild that operates a small fleet of ships. It conducts a great deal of trade with Qeshir. Specifically, the guild imports silk and spices from the great Padashan Empire and wool, steel, horses and marble from the Kingdom of Anquar. Burkar Imports, however, is merely the public face of an underworld criminal organization known as the Sea Rakers. This group conducts a variety of illegal activities including piracy, smuggling, kidnapping and extortion. These two groups function as two sides of one large cohesive organization.

The Guild Hall

Burkar Imports (and hence the Sea Rakers) operate three main facilities. The first is the main guild hall, located in the Copperton District, houses all of the guild masters and high ranking officers. This facility has many private quarters, conference rooms, dining halls, gardens, courtyards and so forth. It is used to entertain guests, negotiate business deals and conduct the general day to day business.

The Stour Hold is their main shipping hub, located in the Porthus District near the habor. All cargo, both inbound and outbound, passes through this stronghold. It’s part fortress and part warehouse, full of store rooms, cellars and armories.It houses a number of full time servants, guards and common laborers along with a few officers. The Stour Hold is where most of the actual work gets done.

The third facility is a barracks house and is where most of the true Sea Rakers live. This motley crew is mostly soldiers, guards, hired thugs and pirates. The house also employs a number of servants. The barracks house contains barracks, private bedchambers, dining halls and kitchens. It also has training facilities for new recruits. These three locations are known as the Hall, the Hold and the House, respectively.

Rank Structure

Officers were blue tunics with the guild sigil embroidered in white. They typically wear mail and wield long swords. The officers move between the Sea Rakers and Burkar Imports with ease. The common pirates and soldiers and thugs that make up the ranks of the Sear Rakers wear mismatched bits of armor (whatever they have stolen or won in combat) and wear their hair in tangled dreadlocks and braids. They fight with curved scimitars.

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