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House Qaigen

Location City of Drakkel, Drakkellian Alliance
Guild Master Lady Alia Qaigen
Sigil Gold Sun, Green Island, Blue Sky, Blue Horizon
Number of Employees 7,150
Specialty Kalimuran technology, exotic plants and animals, curios, relics, art objects. Qaigen is the only house to consistently conduct trade with the other two continents. Its small fleet of ships risks the long and dangerous journey to trade with cultures that are nothing more than legend to many in Ithria. Each of House Qaigen's eight ships is manned by a security team of 12 warriors, a healer and a sea mage to help deal with the dangers of such a voyage. House Qaigen is also the only house to regularly obtain rare items of technology from Kalimura.


House Qaigen is an unusual guild in that it is run by noble woman with no husband. Lord Quaigen died some years ago. It's house colors are gold, green and blue.


Officers and Employees at the Main House of Guild Qaigen

Name Title or Position Duties Physical Description
Lady Alia Qaigen Guild Master Chief officer of the guild. Handsome, older woman, 52, long curly golden brown hair.
Kryton Chief of Operations. Second in command, executes orders of the guild master. Oversees business operations.  
Darian Guild Representative. Represents the House at the Council of Guilds and acts as liaison to the city.  
Askaren Fleet Admiral. Commands the guild's small fleet of cargo ships.  
Jonas Peldor Master of Coffers. Oversees financial paperwork and the treasury.  
Morkei House Wizard In charge of magical defenses, magical research, arcane item construction, tutoring in spellcraft, etc. Tall, lean human male, bald, with a long pointy grey beard, piercing black eyes, wears a skullcap
Vordak Master at Arms Commands all security forces in the estate and throughout guild operations.  
Vandrauer Master Chamberlain Runs daily operations of the estate, commands the servants, assures estate is well stocked, greets important guests and serves as host and PR within estate.  
Rethkilrin Master of Letters Scribe, librarian, cartographer and historian for the guild.  
Gartan Kalimuran Liaison Functions as a diplomat between House Qaigen and Kalimuran.  
Samwar Stable Master    
Dannoth Butler Greets guests.  
Rathuld Head Chef    
Old Tom Driver/Hauler Loads, unloads and drives cargo and passenger wagons, carts, etc.  
Hurlek Blacksmith    
Angmar Stonemason    
Cerryn Doorman    
Vord Groundskeeper    

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