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House Aldrayun

Location City of Drakkel, Drakkellian Alliance
Guild Master Lord Samrick Aldrayun
Sigil Three white stars on a burgundy background
Number of Employees 9,800
Specialty Naval security and transport


This guild specializes in naval security, anti-piracy and shipping. They have a small fleet of twelve ships and are often hired to escort other ships. They are frrequently hired by the government to help deal with pirates. And, on more than one occasion, they have been hired by a lord or wealthy merchant for specific (and usually very secret) assignment that involves sea travel.

The Guild Hall

The Guild Hall of Guild Aldrayun is an impressive fortification of sandstone walls and four great towers. It is home to more than four hundred people, half of which are armed guards and soldiers.


The house colors of Guild Aldrayun are burgundy and white.

Notable Members of Guild Aldrayun

Name Title or Position Duties Physical Description
Lord Samrick Aldrayun Guild Master Chief officer of the guild. Human, male, 61 years old. A somber looking, elderly man with pale blue eyes, an aquiline nose and a greying beard forked in two braids. Often wears high collars and jewels in his braids. Speaks with a gravelly voice.
Lady Merisa Aldrayun Guild Mistress Oversees financial paperwork and the treasury. A middle aged, but beautiful, woman with auburn hair and green eyes.
Jaemus Tolien Chief of Operations Second in command, executes orders of the guild master. Oversees business operations.  
Captain Rendall Harkune Captain of the House Guard Commands all security forces in the estate and throughout guild operations. Tall man wearing a thick grey beard and a tangle of long hair. He typically wears a heavy iron helm, silvered ring mail, leather and a cloak. He is skilled with a variety of weapons, but typically fights with a great sword.
Jin Maigen Guild Representative and Master of Coffers Oversees the house treasury, represents the House at the Council of Guilds when the Lord cannot and acts as liaison to the city.  
Captain Edrin Maynar Fleet Admiral. Commands the guild's small fleet of cargo ships.  
Idrasha House Wizard In charge of magical defenses, magical research, arcane item construction, tutoring in spellcraft, etc. Young female human, 5'2", short curly brown hair, wears leather, jewelry, tattoos

Bryn Foss

Master Chamberlain Runs daily operations of the estate, commands the servants, assures estate is well stocked, greets important guests and serves as host and PR within estate.  
Daikon Master of Letters Scribe, librarian, cartographer and historian for the guild.  
Grenog Stable Master    
Jeroan Head Chef    
Craython Blacksmith    

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