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The Goblin Kingdom

The Goblin Kingdom is a province within Coalition territory. It lies on the east shore just south of the Barakose Swamp. Here in this region, thousands of goblins have come together and formed a primitive kingdom. The region covers approximately 25,000 square kilometers. The goblins of the region dwell in variety of structures - the ruins of ancient civilizations, rebuilt forts, small villages and large cave complexes.

The Goblin King

Ruling over this small kingdom is an abnormally large and strong specimen who claims the title "The Goblin King" and rules from a ruined keep which is being rebuilt. The Goblin King and his minions are allied with the forces of the Coalition, but do not hold a seat on the Council of Seven. Rather, the Goblin Kingdom is something of a province of the Coalition. Not exactly subservient to the Coalition, more of an ally. Goblin militias fight along side the warriors of the Coalition.

The Goblin King himself is said to be a giant of the goblin race and there is no question that he is twice the size and strength of any typical specimen. Rumor and legend surround him. According to fanciful tales, his touch is poisonous, his voice charms the weak minded and he can see the future.

The Goblin King is surrounded by a cadre of goblin chieftains who serve him as advisors and cave trolls who serve as bodyguards. He is also served by a trio of goblin witches who bend his ear and fill his head with doom and dark prophecy. These three slaughter prisoners and read their entrails and claim to have divine inspiration.

Although originally from the Reaver clan, the Goblin King now holds himself “above clan politics… he is the Father of All Goblin Clans”.

To the outside world, this region is known simply as “the Goblin Kingdom”. However, to the goblins, the land is called “Ush’Kali” which, in their language, means Strong Home.


The Clans United under the Goblin King

The Reavers
The largest clan and the clan of the Goblin King. Due to their numbers and, some say, preferential treatment by the King, this clan lords over all others. Most positions of power in the central court are held by Reaver chieftains.

The Bone Lords
A primitive clan, even by goblin standards. They employ only the most primitive crafts. Their weapons are made of wood and bone and sinew. They paint themselves white and adorn themselves in bone masks and bone armor. They are fierce and wild fighters. The Bone Lords will eat the flesh of any animal or humanoid race. Some say they are even cannibalistic. They prefer to live in caves and underground.

The Wolf Riders
As their name implies, these goblins ride giant wolves into battle. They are essentially the mounted cavalry of the Goblin Kingdom. They also use ravens as spies and scouts.

The Blooded Iron League
These goblins are metalsmiths and their warriors typically have better armor and forged weapons that other clans. The Blooded, as they call themselves, build most of the fortifications in the Goblin Kingdom as they are also skilled at stonecraft.

The Trollkin
Known for using trained and armored trolls in combat. Some goblins ride the cave trolls into battle. Some trolls pull wagons and chariots. This clan is also known for building devious traps in the wilds.

The Jylmari
Known for using dark magic, alchemy and poisons, the Jylmari have more mysticism about them than other clans. They are notoriously secretive. Even the origin of their name is something of a mystery.

The Mudrunners
These goblins are rangers, scouts and experts at wilderness survival. They excel at stealth, camouflage, hunting and tracking. Individual mudrunners will often venture deep into the Barakose swamp on scouting missions and come back days, weeks or even months later with detailed reports. No one knows the Barakose swamp better than a mudrunner scout. The Mudrunners fight with blade and bow. Many of them are expert marksmen with their bows. Independent and individualistic, mudrunners are notorious for frequent clashes with the Goblin King.


The Border Keeps
The goblins maintain timber forts at the borders of their kingdom. Beyond the wooden palisade, one will find a goblin mud dome. A huge conical shaped structures. A typical mud dome is primitively built: four dozen huge tree trunks leaning in toward a common center with a roof made of plastered mud and giant leaves. Under the roof are stairs and at least two levels, with a few platforms and balconies within. A typical border fort is home to forty goblin warriors, one chieftain, four sub chieftains, one or two shamans and perhaps a cave troll.


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