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The Town of Trumbull

"So ye come to slay the Dragon, eh? Well, then, let us drink to your success! You've got gold, right?"


The town of Trumbull is a mining town that takes advantage of several rich iron mines around it. It is also well known for being the closest village to the lair of the dread wyrm Verraximaul.

The Dragon Bunkers

The region around Trumbull has a dozens of “dragon shelters”.  There are 82 of the shelters and they are scattered about the region, but most heavily concentrated between the village and the lair. A dragon shelter is a small stone underground bunker. It has thick stone walls, is partially buried by dirt and has a door and two windows on the front wall. The door and windows are shuttered with heavy iron plating and lock from within. The area around a bunker is typically scorched and blackened from previous dragon attacks.

Inside the bunker, there are cots, a table, six chairs, extra blankets, medical supplies, several barrels of water and a map of the region.

On the interior wall, a letter is posted.

The Chaddamar Declaration

The Church of the Chaddamar has declared that should anyone slay the dragon, the treasure horde will be thirded. One third will be given to the town of Trumbull as recompense for years of suffering under the dragon's ire. One third of the treasure will go to the Church as tithes. The final third of the treasure will be awarded to the slayers of the beast. Because of this Church degree about the treasure split-up, the people of the village of Trumbull want the Dragon slain and will do everything they can to aid adventurers in all possible ways.

The Town of Trumbull

The town of Trumbull is the last stop before the dragon’s lair. As this is the last piece of civilization before entering the valley of the dragon, most would-be dragon slayers stop here to rest up and re-equip themselves before facing their greatest battle. It should be noted that dozens of warriors over the years have ridden forth to do battle with Verraximaul. None have ever succeeded..

Trumbull is located at an altitude of 1850 meters (6,070 feet) in the northern stretch of the Gytara Mountain range. It has a population of about 3,800 people. Most people are farmers, although many work in the local iron mines. Heavily guarded wagon caravans running supplies up to the village and carrying iron ingots back down the mountain road are common.

The villagers have taken many precautions against the dragon. Many of the buildings are solid stone. Large basins near every building collect rainwater throughout the year to be used to quickly put out fires. Each week, various farmers sacrifice animals, which are taken to corrals about a kilometer or two outside of the village. The dragon tends to take the easy meal from the corral rather than bother the village.

Four large underground “dragon bunkers” are in the village where the villagers flee to when/if the Dragon attacks the village. In the last 60 years, the dragon has attacked 11 times. These four bunkers are very similar to the bunkers outside of town, except that the four in town are much larger and better protected.

Trumbull has a good smithy, a large general trading post, a small but decent inn and a town hall which serves as the focal point of the community. Three or four times a year, some group of foolish young warriors will arrive in town with dreams of defeating the dragon. This village is prepared to equip them and, because of the local mine and smithy, usually has good weapons and armor for sale.

This village is ruled by a noble who owes fealty to the priestess of the town of Hansuse. This noble, a male, is very protective of his village.

Shops and Guilds

Name Owner/Operator Description
The Dragon's Ire Kerramond Gambling Hall/Inn/Tavern - The Dragon’s Ire is the most popular establishment in town. It’s primiarly a gambling hall with rooms for rent, but has a large kitchen and common dining hall which serves as the town's main tavern. It is run by Kerramond, a bald-headed giant of a man, two cooks, three barmaids and three servants. The Dragon's Ire is the social center of the village. The central hall has a number of gambling tables. It is something of a tradition for bets to be placed on would-be dragon slayers the night before they leave. All manner of wagers are made, not just whether or not they will slay the dragon. (No one ever wins that bet). The three barmaids are popular... one in particular. Grella, a fiesty redhead has a reputation for bedding dragon slayers before their ride off the next morning and get themselves roasted by the dragon.
The Treasure Horde Dralden Trading Post - This establishment is housed in a tall large three story building which is heavy beam and stone construction. It is the tallest building in the village. It also has a large underground level beneath it. It it filled with equipment, weapons, supplies and miscellaneous knick-knacks. Run by Dralden, an old man, and his five beautiful daughters, ages 16 to 32.
Dragon's Maw Iron Forge Segard, Rohald, Walred Blacksmith/Armorer - Three brothers who are all hard working smiths. They each have a wife, children and an apprentice. This smithy's normal day to day work is repairing doors and window shutters, horse shoes, nails, shovels, gardening tools and that sort of thing. They love it when a group of "dragon slayers" comes to town. They always manage to sell some extra weapons and armor to the doomed fools.
Town Hall of Trumbull Lord Jousson Town Hall - This is the largest building in the village. It serves as the town hall, court house and home of the mayor. The mayor of Trumbull is Lord Jousson. It is the major land owner of the region and owes loyalty to the Duke of Hansuse and the church there. Lord Jousson is very protective of his village.
Merihan's House of Iron Lord Rilath Merihan Mining Guild - The largest employer in the village is the Mining Guild. Housed in a large stone longhouse at the edge of town, it employs 150 miners and 45 support personnel including administrative personnel, miscellaneous laborers, haulers, caravan drivers and guards, cooks and common servants. Named after its owner and master, Lord Merihan. This mine is the reason why the town is located here.
Imok's Trade Hall Imok Trading Post and General Store - Imok, a wiry little man with a bushy beard, has a little of everything. He has a surprisingly good selection of odds and ends, weapons and armor and generally useful adventuring equipment. He is a quarrelsome little man who has a knack for getting under people's skin. Despite lacking customer skills, he is always able to come up with whatever you might need. A sign in the window says "No gear for renting. Sale only! All coin due up front!"

Off To Slay The Dragon

The night before they leave, the Dragon's Ire inn holds a huge party which most of the town typically attends. If the party argues the locals will insist. "We must have a celebration before you go! It's tradition and we only get to do this a few times a year, you know. Send off a dragon slayer with  a good party, that is... You should have seen the party we had last year. Damn near burned the whole village down!" At the culmination of the festivities, there is a mock battle between villagers dressed up as warriors and a wicker dragon. In the end, the wicker dragon is burned in effigy.

When the would-be dragon slayers leave town to attack the dragon, they are usually followed by a group of villagers – encouraging and admiring townsfolk, hero-worshipping children, etc. Maybe a few of the noble’s town guards to escort them.

The distance to the lair is about 40 kilometers. Most of the villagers will turn back within sight of the Dragon’s Valley.

For a silver piece, Gyjus, the local town drunk, will happily give a guided tour of the region. Including:

  1. Kaimar's Folly - the infamous battle site of Kaimar's last stand where the Duke and his forty knights were slaughtered.

  2. The Slaughtering Hill - where the pens are that hold the sacrificial animals

  3. The Lair of Verraximaul the Dragon

The Dragon

The dragon's name is Verraximaul. He is a large male with dark green scales. His fiery breath weapon is a thick, gelatinous slime which burns fiercely when exposed to oxygen and will ignite anything in touches. 

His thick scales are stronger than full plate armor and are very tough to puncture. Verraximaul has keen senses and is never taken by surprise.

The Dragon's Cavern

Verraximual makes his lair in a huge cavern complex. The cave system has several immense chambers and large interconnecting passages. These chambers and passages are all more than 50 feet in diameter, allowing him to move around freely. Because of the layout of these caverns, Verraximaul is able to circle around behind a group of intruders. 

The floor of these caverns is mostly rubble and boulders. This makes for tricky footing for the characters, but does not impede Verraximaul.  The rubble on the floor also makes an effective weapon. Verraximaul has been known to beat his wings, whipping up a wind storm that sends these stony shards of rubble and broken rocks flying through the air. This is enough to cut an armored knight to pieces.  

Verraximaul's caves lie beneath the ruins of a small town. Up on the service of the hill above, there are numerous crumbling buildings and bits of stone walls.

Flowing through the caves is an underground river, underground lake and a waterfall exiting a cave in a gorge.

The Saurian Worshipers

Verraximaul is worshiped by a clan of "draconians"... saurians who believe dragons to be gods. About one hundred saurians have made a permanent encampment in the ruins above the caves. They are led by a myren shaman who is served by a group of powerful harothi warriors. These saurians are skilled warriors and use tactics and strategy. This saurian clan will make battle with any intruders who come to kill the dragon.

The Dragon’s Hoard

The saurians have been stockpiling a massive hoard of treasure in one of the smaller caverns. They have created this treasure trove to honor Verraximaul. This treasure chamber includes the following:

Book – Collection of romantic poems

An iron coffer with 7,900 gold pieces.

A leather bound wooden box with 450 platinum pieces.

Book – History of Chaddamar

Book – Herbs and Flowers of the Rainforests of Pujarn

Book – Gemology and Precious Stones

Book – Volume of erotic poetry – fully illustrated.

Scroll – A map of the "Rurgoth Deep Halls".

Gold arm band with small pale blue gem and eagle design. (175 gold piece value).

A methkari crystal necklace.

A sealed cask of brandy (currently 17 years old and aging well).

Miscellaneous armor and weapons from past knights.

Armor of Holrumna.

Wintershard sword.

Ulhuru’s Chest.

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