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The Silent Bell

This smithy is run by a huge ogre whom the locals call Greytusk. Once a slave in the Coalition, he escaped and made his way to Arkalia. During his years as a slave, he had his tongue cut out and the name of his smithy reflects his muteness. When he first came to Stirling, he could not read or write and communicated only by gesture. Not knowing his name, the locals gave him his name because of the grey color of his two large tusks. He arrived with only a hammer and his skills. Since that time, with nothing more than persistence and hard work, he has built up a small, but successful smithy. He is a hard worker and no one can complain about the quality of his work. Those who know metalwork can see that he uses a great deal of dwarven technique in his craft. Over the last decade, Grey Tusk has become a permanent member of the community. Greytusk has since learned to read and write Northern and has befriended a few. It is widely known that Greytusk respects dwarves, likes grum and hates all orcs. Though only a few people in town know the reasons behind this or the tale of how he came to Stirling.

Greytusk’ once had another name, but that was long ago in another place. He was a slave in the Coalition… the property of an orcish chieftain. The orc chieftain’s name was Grumall and he was a cruel master. Often whipping his slaves for amusement. From a young age, Greytusk was put in a pit and forced to fight for food. Later on, it was decided that his great strength would be better put to use mining coal and iron in the mines. Later still, he was put to work on the forge bellows. He eventually was befriended by another slave, Ardas, a dwarvish blacksmith. At first distrustful of each other, their shared suffering created a bond and the two eventually became fast friends. Ardas taught Greytusk in the ways of the forge and smithing. They worked together for 4 years. During that time Greytusk also came to know others including a grum named Torch and a human named Dathem. One evening, Grumall beat Ardas and might have killed him had Greytusk not intervened. As punishment, Grumall cut out Greytusk's tongue.

When an opportunity for escape presented itself, they took it. During the escape, Greytusk faced Grumall and killed him by crushing his skull with his bare hands. Dathem fought off a group of orcs himself and gave his life allowing the rest to escape. Later, the group was found by a large orcish sentry party and the slaves scattered. Torch was killed and Ardas was hit by a poisoned orc arrow. In the chaos of battle, Greytusk managed to escape carrying Ardas in his arms. Greytusk carried Ardas for three days through the mountains hoping to find a village and help, but Ardas died beside their meager campfire on the third night. Greytusk buried Ardas in the foothills of the Sentinel Mountains and continued his trek to freedom alone.

Greytusk eventually made it to more civilized lands. Having often heard Dathem tell tales of Arkalia, he decided to head northeast. After several weeks, he came upon the town of Stirling and settled there.
From his ordeals, Greytusk has nurtured a deep hatred for all orcs. He will not serve orcs or those who willingly travel with orcs. Greytusk will seek every opportunity to provoke a fight. He will happily kill any orc who crosses his path. Fortunately, orcs in Stirling are a rare sight and usually they only come to raid.

Greytusk respects dwarves immensely and will go out of his way to help a dwarf. And because of Torch and Dathem, he also likes grum and the humans of Arkalia. Greytusk and Wydan Atarmyn of the Broken Forge smithy are good friends.

Greytusk has learned to read and write the Northern language and communicates this way often. He also communicates through gesture and his few friends are very good at deciphering these gestures. However, more than anything, he still wants to find a way to restore his tongue. He is saving his money so that he might one day journey to Strathon and find a healer. The local healers in Stirling can’t help him and the local wizard, Akyron, is not skilled in the healing arts.

When not working his forge, Greytusk likes to sit with others, drink and listen to stories. Sometimes this at the Broken Forge and sometimes at one of the local taverns.

Greytusk is an imposing figure. He spent most of his life under the lash of orcish guards. He has fought in subterranean battles, been in a gladiator in crowded arenas, worked endless hours in deep mines and years working the bellows and forge. This brutal life has forged an impressive man. Greytusk is huge, heavily muscled and scarred. He is incredibly strong and a very skilled fighter. Greytusk owns a fine suit of heavy plate armor (that he forged himself) and fights with an enormous two handed sword. On occasion the militia has asked him to join them to help repel an orcish raid and he has always eagerly accepted.


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