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The Iron Goblet

The Iron Goblet is one of the more lively taverns in Stirling. This two story stone and timber building has shuttered windows and a steeply sloped roof. It has six small private rooms for rent and a central drinking hall with a large hearth. Although the roof leaks occasionally and a rat will scamper across the floor from time to time, the hearth is blazing, the food is hot and the ale is good. True to its name, this tavern serves a variety of meads and ales, all served in large iron goblets. Each iron goblet is adorned, decorative and unique. Rayth pays to have at least one new goblet fashioned every month by a local smith. The tavern also serves some simple fare – oat bread, hard cheese and barley stew, mostly.

The Iron Goblet is usually crowded and almost always filled with music of some kind. Rayth Orrsel, the proprietor of the Iron Goblet, is a jovial and good-natured man. He is a broad shouldered, bearded man with a quick smile and infectious laugh. He runs the tavern with his wife, her two sisters and five children. Rayth loves music and will eagerly offer a free meal to a minstrel if they play for the crowd. Rayth enjoys having singing, dancing and music in his tavern. Rayth himself sings and plays the lyre, although he does neither particularly well. Anyone complimenting his music can be assured of a free meal. More than one person has discovered his weakness for flattery. Bards and minstrels visiting the tavern will get a lot of attention from Rayth as he questions them about their music, their technique and if they know any new songs.


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