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From tiny villages to sprawling cities, merchandise and commerce are everywhere. There is a staggering variety of goods and services available for purchase to anyone with the coin to pay for it. Below are a few lists of things one may find for sale in the markets and bazaars of Khoras.

Silver coins form the backbone of the economy. For the sake of simplicity and clarity, all prices are given in silver. Keep in mind that the Drakkellian currency is used as the standard and it's 100 silver coins to 1 gold coin. See Drakkellian Currency for more information.


Wages   A discussion of the wages that various professions earned and how that compares to the larger economy.
Weapons   All personal portable weapons of every kind.
Armor   Armor, Shields, Helmets and so forth.
Adventuring Gear   This includes all the basic adventuring gear that a player character would likely be interested in purchasing.
Storage Containers   Anything that stores material - barrels, boxes, crates, bags, satchels, pouches, chests...
Tools   Anything used to manipulate raw materials or that has a specific function - shovels, hammers, wheelbarrows, saws, scales, plows, ladders, etc.
Clothing   Anything that can be worn upon the body which isn't armor. Shirts, pants, cloaks, boots, hats and so forth.
Mounts and Gear   This refers specifically to animals used as steeds and associated riding gear.
Animals   This category includes a wide spectrum of common animals that are typically useful, but not used as a steed.
Vehicles   All manner of transport devices - from carts and wagons to great sailing ships.
Food and Drink   Things that are consumed by the body for nourishment or pleasure. Chiefly, food and drinks, but also herbs, spices and tobacco.
Lodging & Services   This category includes temporary lodging, such as a rooms at an inn or an apartment rented by the month. It also includes services that might be offered at an inn, such as a bath, laundry or messenger services.
Trade Goods   Various common materials that are valuable, often traded and frequently transported by ship or caravan.
Dwellings & Furnishings   This category gives the cost of permanent dwellings (from small shacks to grand castles) and various items of furniture one might fill their home with.
Medicines & Drugs   This category includes medicines (which are meant to cure and heal) and drugs (which have an affect on the body - make you sleep, get you high, etc).
Alchemy & Poisons   This category includes a broad spectrum of things associated with alchemy - raw materials for alchemical work and various products of alchemy, including acids, preservatives, dyes and poisons.
Miscellaneous   This is a catch all category for anything that doesn't fit in the previous categories.


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