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Thrar's Oil

Other Names None
Appearance A thick oil with a smoky brown color.
Source Itch Vine Resin
Availability Rare
Cost 75 gold pieces per dose

Temporary, but severe muscle spasms and loss of muscular control.

Tolerance Acquisition Yes.

Physical Description

Thrar’s Oil appears as a viscous, clear oil with a smoky brown tint. It smells of burnt leather. It is named after the alchemist that discovered it.

Physical Properties

Thrar’s Oil is a concentrated form of itch vine resin, a paralytic toxin. The oil can be applied directly to a victim’s skin or used to coat a blade. If the oil comes in contact with flesh, the victim suffers a total loss of muscle control and is wracked by painful muscle spasms. This typically lasts for several minutes, during which time the victim can do nothing but writhe helplessly on the floor. Spell casting is almost impossible under such conditions. When the spasms subside, the victim is completely exhausted and suffers body aches and stiffness for a full day afterwards.

Once applied to the blade, the oil lasts about one hour before oxidizing and become inert. During that time, the oil will lose effectiveness as it is wiped off. Each time the weapon successfully strikes a target or is resheathed, the amount and effectiveness of the oil is reduced somewhat.


To brew Thrar’s Oil, one needs about 25 doses of itchvine resin (about a liter) which will cost 50 gold pieces in any major city. The resin can only be obtained at a large alchemy shop in a major city or sometimes at smaller establishments that happen to be near equatorial jungles.

It takes 3 days to boil the itchvine resin down to the final concentrated form. It must be done over steady heat in humid conditions. This process must be monitored and the resin stirred frequently. If the process goes awry, the resin is burnt and spoiled.

If successful, the resulting oil is a super concentrated form of itchvine resin. Each dose is enough to coat a single blade.

Tolerance Acquisition

Yes. It is possible to acquire a tolerance to thrar's oil with continued exposition although it takes full exposition dozens of times. Typically, with daily exposure, full immunity can be acquired within three to four months depending on the individual.


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