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Prattle Oil

Other Names None.
Appearance Glossy black liquid.
Source Neurotoxin obtained from the spines of the Prattle Fish.
Availability Rare
Cost 60 gold pieces per dose

Tingling and numbness in small doses. Larger doses are lethal.

Acquired Immunity Yes.


Physical Description

Prattle Oil is a thin, glossy black liquid that very much resembles ink. It has no discernable odor.

Physical Properties

Prattle Oil is the neurotoxin obtained from the spines of the emerald prattle fish. In small quantities, such as when the slightly tainted meat of the prattle fish is consumed, it produces a euphoric state, a tingling sensation and a numbness of the entire body. In larger quantities, prattle oil causes respiratory problems and death. A single dose (about 10 to 20 drops of liquid) will cause severe numbness, weakness and can be lethal if consumed or introduced into the blood stream (for instance, on the edge of a bladed weapon). Exact effects depend on the dose, method of delivery and strength of the individual.


Prattle Oil does not need to be processed or brewed. It can be obtained from the prattle fish and used as a poison in its raw form. Harvesting the oil from the prattle fish is a dangerous task, especially if the prattle fish is still alive.

Tolerance Acquisition

Yes, it is possible to acquire tolerance to prattle oil, but it is a slow and expensive process. Typically, it would require many hundreds of exposures over 1 to 2 years.


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