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Alchemy and Poisons




Alchemical Products

Item Category Cost Source Geographic Origin Physical Description Properties and Notes
Atashi Oil Aromatic 5 gold Atashi Tree Padashan Empire Pale pink oil. Oil obtained from blossoms makes excellent perfumes and bath oils.
Clabbergill Juice Acid 10 gold Clabbergill Myria and Pirate Isles Milky liquid. A powerful acid.
Fraul Resin Preservative 3 gold Hunter's Herb Forests of Ithria Amber liquid A strong preservative useful in taxidermy and leatherwork.
Horsetail Powder Irritant 5 silver Horstail Mushroom Captured Sea Brownish yellow liquid. A powder which causes uncontrollable sneezing and coughing.
Itch Resin Irritant 1 gold Itchvine Jungles of Qeshir Dark, greasy oil. An oil which causes severe itching and muscle spasms.
Telaxoid Slime Acid 75 gold Mud Terror Swamps of Ithria Green slime. A powerful acid.
Witch's Blood Dye 3 silver Witch's Wrath Stench Bog, Barakose Swamp Red and black flower. A strong red dye.
Wolf's Blood Dye 1 gold Wolf's Blood Mountains of Qeshir Red powder. An excellent dye which can range fro pale yellow to deep red.


Alchemical Ingredients

The following are all substances obtained from the natural world which happen to be valuable alchemical ingredients.

Item Category Cost Source Geographic Origin Physical Description Properties and Notes
Cirilite Fire Ruby Ingredient 15 gold Firewisp Grasslands of Qeshir and Aggradar Orange red gemstone -
Deathgrip Rubber Ingredient 3 gold Deathgrip Tree Swamps of Ithria Black gummy tar Electrical insulator.
Dragonsnake Blood Ingredient 25 gold Dragonsnake Swamps Dark green liquid -
Glow Moss Ingredient 1 gold Glow Moss Subterranean Transparent moss -
Hive Spider Resin Ingredient 250 gold Hive Spider Tropical islands and jungles Pale green liquid -
Ice Scrabbler Blood Ingredient 50 gold Ice Scrabbler Arctic regions Thick, pale blue liquid Useful in creating cold related magic.
Iron Eater Orb Ingredient 150 gold Iron Eater Mountains Dark glossy metallic orb Useful for iron and magnetic related magic.
Krathclaw Antennae Ingredient 75 gold Krathclaw Swamps of Ithria White powder. Useful in creating magic sensing arcana.
Krathclaw Blood Ingredient 75 gold Krathclaw Swamps of Ithria Dark blue liquid. -
Mist Oil Ingredient 5 gold Mist Tree Northern forests of Ithria Clear resin. -
Sandshifter Mites Ingredient 50 gold Sandshifter Deserts Red crystalline powder. -
Shaker Cranial Fluid Ingredient 250 gold Shaker Subterranean Pale purple liquid. -
Shimmer Cat Scales Ingredient 200 gold Shimmer Cat Jungles and forests of Ithria Triangular crystals -
Stench Root Ingredient 15 gold Stench Root Swamps and forests of Ithria Purple mushrooms. -
Sunfish Gel Ingredient 12 gold Sunfish Oceans Clear translucent jelly. -




Item Category Cost Source Geographic Origin Physical Description Properties and Notes
Barulda's Shadow Mild 30 gold Barulda's Shadow Mountains of Ithria Blue lichen Poisonous if ingested. Causes severe illness and temporary coma.
Bloodboil Poison Special 300 gold Saber Scorpion Desolation of Shidar Viscous, black oily resin. Causes the blood to boil out of the body and liquefies the flesh. A horrific and painful death.
Bloodviper Venom Paralytic 150 gold Bloodviper Desolation of Shidar Yellow liquid A rare paraylitic venom that completely paralyzes the victim for about an hour.
Death Blossom Lethal 100 gold Death Blossom Jungle forests of Aggradar Black powder A general purpose poison. It can be brewed to different strengths. The lethal version is 100 gold. Handling and storing death blossom is very dangerous.
Karenia's Slumber Sleep 15 gold Karenia's Brew Forests of Ithria Purple liquid A powerful sleep poison.
Karenia's Death Lethal 50gold Karenia's Brew Forests of Ithria Black liquid Also known as death brew, this potent poison is lethal.
Krathclaw Venom Paralytic 75 gold Krathclaw Ithrian Wetlands Thick, yellow-green slime. A strong paralytic toxin. Paralyzes the victim for an extended time, but does not kill them.
Pipe Poison Lethal 150 gold Jungle Pipe Jungles of Qeshir Oily black liquid. A lethal contact poison with little smell or taste. Can be used on weapons or in food. Kills slowly, but is almost always effective.
Prattle Oil Lethal 60 gold Prattle Fish Tropical seas Thin, glossy silver liquid Basic neurotoxin. Obtained from the emerald prattle fish. Effective, but not as strong as others. Kills by shutting down the nervous system, heart and lungs.
Red Asp Venom Lethal 90 gold Red Asp Southwest Ithria Vicous yellow liquid Lethal poison. Causes convulsions, frothing at the mouth, uncontrollable defecation and involuntary vocalizations.
Retch Oil Mild 10 gold Retch Moss Freshwater banks of Ithria Green and black leafy mass. Mild poison that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea. Wreaks havoc on digestion system. In small doses, it's a laxative.
Rock Wasp Venom Paralytic 250 gold Rock Wasp Arid mountains Orange liquid Very rare. Causes paraylsis and muscle ridigity, along with skin changes.
Saber Scorpion Venom Special 150 gold Saber Scorpion Desolation of Shidar Clear liquid Causes excessive and uncontrollable bleeding. Prevents all clotting.
Slumber Oil Special 25 gold Slumber Weed Northern and western mountains of Ithria Clear oil. A versatile drug with effects that range from euphoria to sleep to death. Prices vary.
Soth Lethal 700 gold Soth Weed Eastern Qeshir Clear syrupy liquid. Liquid that must be ingested, kills slowly by dissolving the brain/nervous system. Causes slow excruciatingly painful death.
Thrar's Oil Paralytic 75 gold Itchvine Jungles of Qeshir Thick smoky brown oil. A contact poison that causes muscle spasms and paraylsis.


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