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Medicines and Drugs



Item Category Cost Source Geographic Origin Physical Description Properties and Notes
Azure Blessing Medicinal 50 gold Azure Blessing Mountains of Ithria Blue lichen Accelerates natural healing for several hours.
Battle Spice Narcotic 30 gold Battle Spice Grasslands of Ithria Orange, spongy root Enhances strength, aggression, pain tolerence and induces a berzerker like rage.
Bitterberries Medicinal 50 gold Bitterberry Tree Central Ithria Large red berry Sudden energy rush and rejuvenation.
Blood Glue Medicinal 25 gold Sentinel Scorpion Sentinel Mtns and Baen Desert Clear jelly. Instantly stops all bleeding.
Bloodroot Paste Medicinal 16 gold Bloodroot plant East and south coasts of Ithria Thick, gritty red paste. Bloodroot paste is both a curative (for blood fever) and a general medicine, specifically a hemostatic (stops bleeding if applied directly to wound).
Dreamlace Narcotic 1 gold Dreamlace Grasslands of Qeshir Blue-green moss. A common recreational drug burned in pipes in Qeshir.
Emerald Moss Medicinal 24 gold Emerald Moss Western forests of Ithria Spongy green moss. General purpose contact healing. Applied directly to wound..
Firestar Pollen Narcotic 1 gold Firestar Grasslands of Qeshir Dark blue powder. Recreational drug.
Goodberry Medicinal 50 gold Goodberry Tree Forests of Ithria Small red berry Neutralizes ingested poisons.
Green Ice Medicinal 20 gold Green Ice Grasslands of Ithria Pale green liquid. Heals burns and eases pain from burns.
Ground Troth Clusters Medicinal 2 gold Troth Clusters West and north coastlines of Qeshir. Small seeds in seaweed. Seeds ground into fine brown poweder. Cures stomach ailments.
Karenia's Brew Narcotic 5 gold Karenia's Brew Forests of Ithria Pink liquid Highly addictive psychoactive drug that causes a euphoric state.
Leafy Spider Toxin Narcotic 10 gold Leafy Spider Fire Isles and surrounding lands Clear liquid. Convulsions, hallucinations and euphoria.
Mallosh Narcotic 5 silver Mallosh Jungle regions of Qeshir and Aggradar Dark green grass. A plant that can be smoked as a recreational drug. Various phsyiological effects.
Poisonthwart Curative 12 gold Poisonthwart Forests of Aggradar Red mushroom Broad spectrum antidote. Greatly increases resistance to poisons and recovery from poisons.
Quaking Herb Narcotic 3 gold Quaking Herb The Fire Isles White paste A powerful euphoric narcotic.
Rock Wasp Anditode Curative 500gold Rock Wasp Arid mountains along equator, global Bright green liquid A very rare elixir that cures the effects caused by rock wasp venom.
Rogue's Rum Special 5 gold Star of Khoras Forests of Ithria Dark amber liquid A drug which causes euphoria, enhanced sensations and causes temporary sterility.
Shadebloom Drops Medicinal 15 gold Shadebloom Central Qeshir Dark green leaves Protects the eyes from bright light.
Slumber sticks Narcotic 1 silver Slumber Weed Northern and western mountains of Ithria Small stick of with dried white residue A street drug that causes euphoria and sleep.
Sorpar Medicinal 2 silver Swordtip Mushroom Grasslands of Ithria Pale grey mushroom. Made from the ground up stem of the sword tip mushroom. Cures pain/fever.
Spice Crystals Narcotic 1 gold Borakan Spice Crystals Island of Borakar Yellow translucent smooth rocks. Creates a powerful euphoric effect. Highly addictive.
Tara Root Curative 15 gold Tara Root Southwest Ithria Wrinkled white orbs A cure for the Stiffening.
Teregrun Medicinal 1 gold Teregrun Grasslands of Qeshir Clear fluid Strong pain killig and antibiotic properties.
Twitch Gas Narcotic 250 gold Rain Gem Jungles of Qeshir Pink gas Very expensive. Paralyzies victims.
Virgin Herb Powder Special 25 gold Virgin Herb Grasslands of Ithria Pale blue powder An abortifacient. Terminates a pregnancy in any mammal.


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