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Dwellings and Furnishings



Permanent structures, such as houses, will vary quite a bit. The table below lists a few examples with descriptions.

Item Cost Notes
Small enclosed wooden shed 15 gold A small wooden shed, about 8 square meters of floor space, with a dirt floor and a thin wooden door.
Cottage 100 gold A small single story cottage with dirt floor and thatched roof, at the edge of a village with a small plot of land. 25 square meters living space.
Large Farm House 400 gold A large two story farm house, 100 sq meters, with a barn, vegetable garden and 5 acres of land. Wood floor.
Small City House 2,000 gold A small single story house of stone and timber. Around 150 square meters. At the edge of a major city. Stone floor.
Large City House 5,000 gold A large three story house, built almost entirely of stone, boasting 400 sq meters, in the heart of a major city. Includes a basement and extra storage. This might be the home of a successful merchant. It might also be home to a shop on the ground floor with living quarters above.
Fortified Country Manor House 20,000 gold A large manor house connected to a servant's house, a private chapel, a curtain wall wrapped around a large central courtyard and a gate house. A moat would surround the entire grounds. Such a residence would have around 1000 square meters of living space and would be the home of a minor noble such as knight or a baron (or a very successful merchant). Such a manor would be found outside of a major town. In addition to the noble family, this would have living quarters for full-time servants and armed guards.
Castle 50,000 - 500,000 gold The cost of castle will vary considerably based on such factors as its size, style, location, purpose and defenses. Normally, only high ranking nobles, kings and nations are able to afford building such magnificent structures. Also, many castles are built in phases, starting simply and then being added to over decades or centuries. The cost to build a new castle from scratch is different than an existing castle that has stood for centuries. Also, existing castles may be historically significant because of events that took place there, previous owners, legends and so forth. Such historical and cultural connections might make possession of a specific castle more attractive and increase the value. The price range here is listed only for reference. In any case, it is highly unlikely any group of "adventurers" would ever be able to afford a castle.


Furnishings includes furniture, fittings and other decorative accessories (such as tapestries or rugs) for a house or manor.

Item Cost Notes
Bed, common 1 gold A simple wooden frame bed and pallet.
Bed, noble's 10 gold A large wooden frame bed with canopy and decorative scrollwork.
Bench 3 silver A simple wooden bench, three meters long.
Book Case 5 silver A tall multi-shelf book case made of oak.
Cabinet 8 silver A tall oak cabinet with hinged doors and drawers.
Chair, high backed 1 gold Wooden, non-cushioned, high back
Chair, high backed 8 gold Wooden and leather, cushioned, high back, elaborate scrollwork.
Chest of Drawers 1 gold A tall cabinet with six drawers.
Desk 5 gold A writing desk, two meters wide and a one meter deep, with numerous drawers.
Sleeping Pallet 5 copper A flat rectangular linen bag stuffed with straw that forms a basic sleeping surface.
Stool 1 silver A basic three legged stool.
Trestle Table 2 gold Standard table, 2.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide


3 gold A tall upright wooden trunk with two large hinged doors in which clothes may be hung.


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