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Lodging and Services


Item Cost Notes
Apartment, average, one month 3 gold This would be a small and basic room with a bed and chest and a lock on the door. Cost is for one month of rent. The floor and walls would be wood and there would be little privacy.
Apartment, excellent, one month 35 gold This would be a spacious room with a private bath, closet, chest of drawers, table, chairs and a very good lock on the door. The walls and floor would typically be stone and draped in rugs and tapestries. Cost is for one month of rent.
Inn, common room 1 copper Per night. A common room in an inn is typically a large room where dozens of people will sleep. Such a room typically is little more than a loft with straw spread about for warmth and possible a blanket or two. No privacy.
Inn, private room 2 silver Per night. A private room will typically have a bed, a small table and chair, a small foot locker and a lock on the door.
Inn, noble’s suite 3 gold Per night. A noble's suite is a larger and more luxurious type of private room. It will typically be a spacious room with a closet, a large desk, an oversized bed, flax linen sheets, locks on the doors and windows, etc. Only large and expensive inns in large cities will provide such rooms.


The services below are offered in most towns and major cities.

Item Cost Description
Bath, common 1 copper Basic bath with cold river water and soap in a small wooden tub.
Bath, noble 1 gold A bath in a private room in a large wooden tub with hot water, perfumed soaps, fragrant oils, a personal attendant, clean towels and so forth.
Brothel - Average, one night 5 silver -
Brothel - Excellent, one night 5 gold -
City Guide 1 copper -
Jewelry Appraisal 5 gold -
Laundry, one load 1 copper -
Messenger 5 copper To deliver a message to someone within the same city.
Sage, one day of research 3 gold -
Scribe 1 silver -



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