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Food and Drink

Food prices fluctuate greatly by season and region. This is especially true in farmland and villages. Whatever is "in season" in that particular region is what will be available. Food will be plentiful and cheap just after harvest in autumn. Likewise, come spring, food supplies will be dwindling and prices will be higher. Some local fruit may not be available at all during certain seasons - this varies by fruit - but most fruits can be made into preserves and jams which keep all year long. Additionally, items that are not local and had to be imported will be much more expensive.

Meat from local animals and wild game will generally be available throughout the year and won't vary in price.

The tables below gives a number of examples and includes the "average" price found in a large town.



Item Cost Notes
Apple Beer 6 copper Normidian apple beer is a thick, soft frothy drink beverage made of apple pulp whipped with ale. Merchant caravans export Normidian apple beer and it can be found throughout central and northern Ithria.
Blackbeer 3 copper A cheap beverage made from fermented blackroot brewed in alcohol to make a drinkable tincture. Often spiced with local herbs or berries. There are many regional variations on the basic recipe. It has an oily, smoky flavor and many people find it unpalatable. It is an acquired taste. Common in southern Ithria.
Blackroot Tea 2 copper A common tea made from brewed blackroot. Common in southern Ithria.
Black Mead 1 gold A very strong dark mead made from a variety of dark honey. Originated in Normidia and is exported throughout the north of Ithria. There is a saying... "If you're still standin', it ain't Black Mead".
Blackfall 3 gold This dark and cloudy 150 proof whiskey is laced with a powerful narcotic, the nature and exact concentration of which is known only to those shady individuals who distill it. A single shot will cause shortness of breath, an all-over numbness and hallucinations. Larger quantities had a stimulant effect combined with severe hallucinations, paranoia and psychosis. Because of the inconsistent nature of the production process, no two batches are completely alike, and some have even been known to be so concentrated as to be deadly. Blackfall is banned in most cities because of the problems it frequently creates for the city guards. In addition to turning drinkers into raving lunatics, it is also addictive, which creates a continuous demand for it. Blackfall is highly prized in underworld circles, and smuggling it into cities can be exceptionally profitable and dangerous for an ambitious trader.
Casmian Wine 12 gold This treat comes from the Padashan Empire and can occasionally be found in the markets of the Drakkellian Alliance, Mercia, Ormek and the Rukemian Empire. It is a strong wine made from fermented casmian dates (which only grow in the Padashan empire), mixed with certain rare desert herbs that are not found on Ithria. Hence attempts at duplicating it in Ithria have failed. Casmian wine is a very heavy elixir, remarkable for its velvety texture and deep burgundy color. It's high price makes it a treat that only nobles can afford.
Chavus 1 silver A thick, frothy non-alcoholic beverage brewed from beans native to Sarid. Chavus is very sweet and a strong stimulant. It has a bright green-white color. Chavus beans grow in great abundance in Sarid.
Coffee 3 copper Coffee beans grow natively in Qeshir, primarily in the Padashan Empire. Coffee is a common beverage in the empire, but virtually unknown in Aggradar or Ithria.
Cream Ale 3 silver This drink comes from the land of Aukarian Republic and is quite common there. It can be found throughout the lands of Aggradar but is almost unheard of on the other continents. Cream Ale is a white, creamy beer made from the rare hop (from the autavilus plant) found only in the Aukarian Republic. It is typically served warm in heated iron flagons.
Cunnaway Stout 3 silver A popular bronzed colored stout ale with a well balanced flavor of vanilla and hazelnut. Brewed in the Duchy of Cunnaway, in the War Vale. It is exported and can be found throughout eastern and southern Ithria.
Davidson's Best 2 silver Davidson's Best is a Mercian whiskey of the highest quality. Triple-distilled for extra smoothness, the whiskey's satiny texture and opulent, sweet finish make this one of the most coveted drinks of the southern coast. It was first distilled and served a century ago at The Rusting Anchor at Freeport harbor, and is difficult to find outside of the empire.
Dragon Spittle 1 copper A very strong whiskey made by the ogres of Duthelm. It is a dark whiskey with a distinctive greenish hue which gives the drink it's name. It has a very high alcohol content and is very flammable. It is a favorite among the soldiers, laborers and commoners of Duthelm. It is also used in breakable clay jars as a thrown splash weapon.
Dwarven Mud Beer 1 silver A unique thick, full bodied beer made with a unique fermentation process which involves vats of mud. Common in dwarven lands, but very rare elsewhere.
Emerald Wine 6 gold An exquisite elven wine made from emeril moss. Notable for its bright emerald green color. Considered by some to be the greatest achievement of the elves.
Firewine 8 copper A dark red and translucent wine with a very sweet flavor and a high alcohol content. It is made in Ithell from the fermentation of a local type of grape. It is exported to the other allied cities and is popular throughout the Drakkellian Alliance.
Gaithian Brandy 2 gold This golden brown elixir is distilled in the Duchy of Gaith, in the War Vale. It is an exceptional smooth and full-bodied brandy made from a blend of several local grapes, wines and spices and aged for two years in oak barrels. Its decadent flavor is almost silky and hints of sweet smoke, dark caramel, and corriander with a crisp, smart finish. It is favored among the wealthy and nobility of the Rukemian Empire. The Emperor himself is said to favor this drink.
Grumman Butter Tea 1 copper

A very popular drink in central Ithria. It is primarily found in grumman nations. Grumman butter tea is a mix of a very strong tea, cream, honey and butter. Despite being considered a "peasant's drink", it nonetheles has a luxurious creamy texture.

Gutrot 2 copper A sour, brown beer which is very common and very cheap. It is a thick and powerful beer with a foamy head. It is most common in Ormek, but can be found in Mercia and the Rukemian Empire. The taste has been described as “burnt leather with a kick”.
Horseman's Ale 2 copper A light and refreshing summer brew that keeps well in the heat. This common drink originated in Clandale of Bathynia where the brewmasters have handed down the recipe from father to son for centuries.
Javika 2 silver Pronounced ja-VIE-ka. This concoction is a fusion of brewed coffee beans, chocolate, cocoa butter and goat's milk. It is very thick and very sweet. It is a strong stimulant. The vaullians invented it and enjoy it as an after dinner dessert drink, but it is too potent for most people. The magrakians love it since it's strong enough for even their dull senses to be overwhelmed.
Mercian Stout 8 copper A thick, heavy bodied brew with a rich brown color and a smooth, creamy head. Probably the most popular harbor drink among commoners. Served in Mercia and along the eastern coast.
Red Wolf Ale 2 copper A deep amber ale with a sharp, bitter aftertaste. It is produced by the Red Wolf Alehouse in Tyrrenkor and is widely popular in that city and can be found throughout the Coalition.
Saris 5 copper A thick, dark sweet wine made from fermented dates. Very common in the Aukarian Republic.
Storm Draught 7 copper This rare and complex blend of distilled spirits is accentuated with seventeeen different spices and aged in oaken casks for smoothness. Originally used for its medicinal properties, it is a favored companion to mariners on long voyages. Brewed in Freeport and strongly associated with the mariners there.
Stour 8 copper This is a thick, sour ale made from fermented tubers. It's a popular drink that originated in Vaul, but can be found throughout Aggradar. Stour comes from the words "stout" and "sour" which perfectly describes this ale.
Thunder Mead 1 silver A potent brew made from fermented seaweed and flavored with sea salt, honey and tropical spices. It is known for having an unusually powerful intoxicating effect. It is favored in the southern lands, especially the Drakkellian Alliance and the Pirate Isles. It is sometimes known as Thunder Rum, as well. Despite these names, it is technically neither a rum nor a mead.


Bread and Baked Goods

Item Cost Description
Rhen Wheat 1 copper The most common type of wheat in the central grumman nations. Rhen flour and rhen bread are traded far and wide. It is not uncommon to find rhen bread served as far as Mercia. Traditionally, rhen bread is made with rhen wheat mixed with ale. Rhen bread is often eaten with apple butter.
Honeyed 3-Grain 2 copper Another common grumman type of bread in which rhen wheat is mixed with oats, barley and honey.
Darkloaf 4 copper This dense dark bread is common in the northern lands (especially Normidia and Vorrik).
Sweet Rye 3 copper This is a light brown bread made with wheat and maple syrup. Very common in the eastern lands.
Bitter Loaf 5 copper Probably originally from the dwarven lands, this bread has spread throughout the north and west. This dense, grey bread has a sour aftertaste and chewy texture.
Black Rye 7 copper A very common bread in the south, especially in the Pirate Isles and Drakkellian Alliance. Notable for its dark color and very soft texture.
Kebrin 1 copper These are similar to bathynian bannocks. Kebrins are unleavened wheat and millet "cakes" - flat, round loaves of dense, dry bread. Usually eaten with butter and jam or meat and cheese served as an open sandwich. Sometimes toasted over fire. These are popular in the south, especially in port cities as they have a long shelf life and are sometimes taken on voyages.
Sadryn 9 copper This is a traditional elvish loaf. It is a flat, rectangular unleavened bread - dense, chewy and sweet. Sadryns are made from a variety of crushed nuts, herbs and tree sap. It is a major staple in the diet of the elves. Some of the herbs used act as natural preservatives and sadryns will stay fresh for several days.
Bannocks 1 copper A traditional unleavened flat cake made from barley and oats. Very common in the west, especially in Bathynia where this bread type originated.
Elven Honeybread 1 silver A sweet, dry unlevened bread made from honey and ground nuts. Made by the elves. Exceptionally long lasting, filling and delicious. Rejuvenates the body. Provides some healing.
Anquaran Blackloaf 3 copper A large heavy disk of bread baked in huge round wheels. It has a very dark brown, thick, heavy crust which is difficult to pierce with a knife. The inside of the loaf is light brown, very soft and chewy. Anquaran Blackloaf has an earthy, sweet flavor that is very good with butter. If the crust is unbroken, it will stay good for months, keeping the inside moist, soft and chewy. Blackloaf originated in the farmlands of Anquar, but is now traded far and wide. Because an unbroken loaf keeps so long, it travels well and loaves of Blackloaf can be found as far s Kalimura and Magrakor.


Item Cost Description
Smoked Krell 1 silver A soft, white grumman cheese which is smoked for three days during the final phase of its preparation.
Hamarat 6 copper An Aukarian cheese made in the town of Calannon. Hamarat is a strongly-flavored, crumbly, whitish-green cheese which takes it's name from the Aukarian province where it is produced.
Red Bursk 2 copper This soft cheese is made by the Magrakians. It has a dark orange, almost reddish color. Very pungent and flavorful. Most non-magrakians find the flavor overpowering. It must be used sparingly in food (unless you're a magrakian).
Rhatania 8 copper One pound. A Normidian cheese. Rhatania is a smooth yellow and orange cheese with a soft, spongy texture.
Caldorian 5 copper One pound. A Normidian cheese. Caldorian spiced pure white and sweet.
Traethin 3 copper One pound. A Normidian cheese. A unique spiced cheese. Traethin is a blue white crumbly cheese with a pungent odor and sour flavor. Many consider it an acquired taste.




Common Food Items

Item Name Cost Notes
Apple 5 iron Common red apple.
Apple Butter, one jar 3 copper Made primarily in the central grumman lands and the north.
Apricot 1 copper -
Bacon, one kilogram. 3 copper -
Bananas, one bunch 5 copper Usually only available in the extreme south - pirate isles, Coalition and Myria.
Barkrest fruit 5 copper An unusual blue fruit with a strong mint flavor.
Beef, one slab 1 silver -
Biscuits, one dozen 7 iron -
Black butter, one jar 4 copper A common grumman butter made from milk, molasses and herbs.
Butter, one kilogram. 1 copper -
Buttermilk, one liter 2 copper -
Cabbage, one head 5 iron -
Carrot 3 iron -
Chicken, fresh 3 copper A single large fresh chicken. Not yet plucked, dressed or cooked.
Crab 3 copper A small large crab. This is the price on the coast. Further inland, crab can reach 3 silver.
Dried Beef 1 silver One kilogram of salted, dried beef.
Duck, fresh 4 copper A single large fresh duck. Not yet plucked, dressed or cooked.
Egg 1 iron -
Fruit preserve 2 silver A large clay jar of fruit preserve.
Goose, fresh 7 copper A single large fresh goose. Not yet plucked, dressed or cooked.
Grapes, one bunch 6 iron -
Honey, one bottle 4 copper One medium sized clay jar of raw honey with a broad cork stopper.
Hulkye Lemons 1 copper Am oblong bittersweet citrus fruit of bright yellow-green color. Common in the Aukaria Republic. Uncommon throughout the rest of Aggradar. Rare in Ithria and Qeshir.
Lamb, fresh 2 silver A single, large fresh lamb. Not skinned or dressed.
Lard, 1 kg 3 copper A large tub of lard, derived from pig fat.
Lemon 1 copper A citrus fruit that is common in the southern lands of Ithria. Rare and expensive further north.
Lobster 5 copper A single large lobster. This is the price on the coast. Further inland, a lobster can reach 5 silver.
Mountain Berries, 100 1 silver Also known as the thorn berries. The mountain berry is a round segmented blue berry with long slender thorns emerging from between segments.
Milk, one bottle 1 copper -
Mushrooms, one jar 3 copper -
Nuts, one small bag 3 iron -
Oats, one bag 1 copper A one kilogram bag of uncooked oats.
Onion 6 iron -
Orange 1 copper -
Oysters 3 copper A dozen raw oysters. This is the price on the coast. Further inland, the price can reach 1 silver.
Pie 4 copper -
Podmoss 3 copper -
Potatoes, bag of 20 2 copper -
Rice, 10 lb. bag, uncooked 1 copper -
Salt, one pound bag 3 iron -
Scruffleberries, 100 3 silver A bag of 100 scruffleberries. A bright red oblong berry with dozens of long blue hair-like strands prized for its juiciness and flavor. Also known as raven berries.
Spices, assorted 1 silver -
Sugar, one pound bag 2 silver -
Tea leaves, ground, one small bag 2 copper -
Tomatoes, bag of 20 2 copper -
Veal 1 silver A large slab (one kilogram) of veal.
Venison 2 silver A large slab (one kilogram) of venison.


Common Prepared Dishes

Item Cost Notes
Arkalian Spiced Pork 4 silver A traditional Arkalian dish flavored with seven spices and an orange sauce.
Beef Stew 5 copper Traditional grumman dish.
Black Mushroom 1 silver The whole mushroom often served stuffed with a meat filling.
Black Razor Fin Fillets 3 silver Tender white meat.
Breek Tubers, mashed 2 copper Common dish of the Aukarian Republic.
Brie Tart 1 copper A small golden brown pastry stuffed with cheese and herbs. A single tart usually sells for a copper.
Chicken, roasted 6 copper A full chicken, roasted and ready to eat.
Crullen berry muffin 1 copper Typically a sweet corn muffin filled with yellow crullen berries.
Crullen berry pie 1 silver A pie made from the popular yellow berry.
Dilled Veal Balls 7 copper Fried balls of minced veal meat flavored with dill and served with squash fritters. Originating in the Drakkellian Alliance, this dish is now common throughout central Ithria.
Duck, roasted 8 copper A whole duck, roasted and ready to eat.
Dukrang Firemoss Tendrils 1 copper Named for their hot, spicy flavor.
Dwarven Gruel 1 copper A thick grey gruel that has bits of fried egg, crispy bacon, melted cheese, toasted bread and salted meat mixed in. This is a popular morning meal for most dwarves.
Eel Pie 6 copper A small baked pastry stuffed with minced eel meat and gravy. Popular along the southern coast of Ithria.
Fish, small 3 iron A small whole fish that is entirely edible. Cooked and crunchy. Not much more than a mouthful.
Fish, fillet 2 copper A medium sized cut of fish meat. No bones. Cooked and ready to eat.
Fish, steak 1 silver A large steak of meat from a large fish. Horizontal cut. Includes skin and bone. Cooked and ready to eat.
Fried Sun Fish 2 silver A common dish on the south coast.
Goose, roasted 2 silver A whole roasted goose, flavored with herbs and spices. Includes gravy made from goose fat. A feast fit for a king.
Gretta 3 copper A heavily spiced sausage made from beef, pork, ground mustard seed, herbs and spices. Gretta is of grumman origin.
Grog Blossom 1 silver A small edible flower which is often used as a garnish in a mug of ale. The grog blossom floats on the surface of the liquid. It is common in southern and eastern Ithria, ranging from the Drakkellian Alliance to Kitar.
Hafnush 4 copper A type of sausage made from pork, beef, lard and coarse cut oats. Originally from War Vale. Can now be found throughout eastern Ithria, but it is still most common and extremely popular in the War Vale. The coarse cut oats give hafnush a distinctive flavor and texture. There are some regional variants.
Ham 8 copper One pound slab of cooked ham.
Hare 1 silver A full hare, skinned, dressed and cooked.
Harlesh 4 copper A hearty breaded sausage made from ground lamb, oats and sweetened with local berries. It has a distinctive oat breading. Harlesh is strongly associated with Vorrik and has been widely consumed in Vorrik for more than 500 years.
Kijara 3 copper A rich, sweet stew made from beef, sliced yams, sliced turfals (a large, nutty tasting fungi), herbs and spices. This is a traditional Corvenian dish.
Kuefma 1 silver A very thick and creamy stew made from potatoes and goat's milk. Very common in northern Ithria - Normidia, Vorrik, Arkalia and Carrikos. Often has mushrooms, onions, cheese and broccoli. Sometimes served with chunks of seared chicken meat.
Lamb, cooked 5 silver A whole lamb, roasted on a spit. Enough meat to feed a dozen people easily.
Meatcake 1 silver An easy to prepare loaf of chopped meat and spices.
Muklok 2 copper A variety of fat, red worm served cold, in a bowl, soaking in their own blood. A common orcish dish.
Oatcake 7 copper A single large flat disk made from oat flour and mixed oats. Sweetened with honey or local berries. Stays good for about 3 days.
Oatmeal 1 copper One bowl of plain cooked oatmeal. Served piping hot.
Pheasant, cooked 8 copper  
Podmoss Salad 6 copper Consists of podmoss spheres filled with meat or cheese based filling.
Porridge 2 iron The grum have dozens of different types and flavors of porridge. Made from different types of seeds.
Rabbit Stew 9 copper A northern favorite.
Silver salmon, stuffed w/onions 6 silver A common Vorrikan dish using the silver salmon found in the Captured Sea.
Vegetable Soup 6 iron -
Stewed chicken 2 copper A common Rukemian dish.
Sunfish Fillets 9 copper Another variation on this southern favorite.
Sutok 2 copper A delicious, thick, sweet golden brown gruel. Filling and fattening. There are many variations on this grum favorite.
Swordfish 1 silver Usually found on the south coast.
Tansy Cakes 1 silver A thin flat cake made from fried egg and flour batter and flavored with the green juice of the tansy flower and other herbs. Often rolled and filled with flavored cream such as peppermint cream. Typically sold as a plate of 3 stuffed cakes for a silver coin.
Tetrikini Brittle Cake 6 iron A sweet and crunchy desert from the grumman lands.
Torgat Steak 10 gold This rarity is impossible to obtain except in Normidian taverns and then usually only after a successful torgat hunt (which is a rarity in itself).
Whalemeat 5 silver Whale meat strips, usually fried, are a common dish in Ormek.






Culinary Herbs, Spices and Tobaccos

"The truest friend is a full pipe."
- Grumman proverb

Item Cost Description
Gurale Pepper 1 iron Possibly the most widely used spice which is cheap and easy to obtain. Often sprinkled in stews and over meat.
Ilitheum Salt 2 iron Not really a salt. This is a common spice which appears as brown granules and has a woody flavor.
Saujicon 7 iron A pungent brown tobacco.
Tiaso Blue 1 copper A variety of tobacco which consists of very small, dark blue leaves.
Sorrani Powder 2 copper A very hot, spicy powder which is bright red and used extensively in the south (Pirate Isles, Myria, Talis, and the Coalition).
Ground Mustard Seed 2 copper A fine yellow powder made from ground mustard seeds.
Jinaam 6 copper The bright green leaves of this tobacco are often seen filling the smoking pipes in the grumman lands.
Vaul Leaves 1 silver Vaul is the name of a versatile herb. It's small orange-brown leaves can be boiled to make tea, sprinkled into stew or smoked in a pipe. It is relatively inexpensive and a good smoke for the common man.
Mullyrin 1 silver A bitter, sour smelling and pungent ash grey-green tobacco. Considered foul by many, but smokers argue it is an acquired taste.
Sweetspice 5 silver The dark green leaves of this herb are soft, moist and an excellent smoking tobacco. Sweetspice is a hallucinogen and gives a definite "high" when smoked.
Fireweed 1 copper A sweet, spongy tobacco. It is quite common in the southlands of Ithria and grows in many arid, rocky regions there. 1 copper piece will buy a small pouch of fireweed, enough for one smoke. It has a very spicy scent and flavor. Raw fireweed can be chewed. It’s proper alchemical name is calanthas. The grum use fireweed in some of their cooking. It is very common in the south. It is a mild sedative. It can be concentrated, through an alchemical process, to produce a mild sleep potion.
Rothka Weed 1 gold This tobacco has a very strong woody flavor that many people dislike. However, rothka smokers swear by the stuff. It can be easily recognized by its oily black leaves and distinct odor. It is more popular in the north. In Vorrik, rothka is strongly associated with thieves and criminals and carries a certain stigma.
Kelfarian Redleaf 5 gold The very finest tobacco to be had throughout the lands. One of two types. Redleaf is noted for its deep red color and sweet flavor.
Kelfarian Blackleaf 4 gold A darker variant of Kelfar with an almost black appearance and more robust, pungent aroma.
Firestar Pollen 2 gold This blue powder is often mixed with other tobaccos. It produces strong hallucinations.
Black Sticks 3 gold An expensive "pipeless" tobacco. These black sticks are formed from pressed resin, spices, herbs and tobacco. It is lit and smoked like a cigarette without the need for a pipe. Notable for a very strong odor which some people find disagreeable. Because of the cost, black sticks are usually only used by wealthy nobles. The powerful stench of these things are usually overpowering to sensitive elvish noses. Phellysians are usually allergic to black sticks... the smoke of which causes accelerated breathing and a racing heart.



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