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Land Based Transportation

Item Cost Notes
Cart 8 gold A humble and unadorned, two wheel wooden cart. Bed area is about 2 square meters. Uncovered. Can be hitched to a draught animal or pulled by one person.
Simple Wagon 15 gold A heavy, four wheeled vehicle. Two heavy to pull by hand. Requires draught animals. Bed area is about 5 square meters. Uncovered.
Freight Wagon 25 gold A large and sturdy wagon with extra thick wheels, axles and high walls. Bed area is 8 square meters.

Nomadic Wagon

100 gold A large enclosed wagon with a tiled roof and living quarters inside. Designed as a mobile home or office. Internal floor space is about 15 square meters. Includes a door, two windows, drapes, a small bed, desk, lantern, etc. Some elaborate models even have a small wood burning stove and chimney.
Sayune Clan Wagon 400 gold An extremely large version of the nomadic wagon, built by, and sized for, the sayune. Typically includes two or three levels, eight small rooms, a dozen beds, two stoves, two chimneys, three storage compartments, three balconies, drapes, doors and hatches. All beds, doors and so forth are sized for sayune (4 foot height). These huge vehicles are normally not for sale to outsiders. But on rare occasions, one will be found on the market.
Carriage, common 60 gold A basic four wheel carriage that seats four people. Wooden seats. Cloth draped cover.
Carriage, noble 150 gold A larger and much more regal carriage, colorfully painted, adorned with elaborate scrollwork and gold trim, with cushioned seats, tiled roof and heavy velvet drapes. Seats six.
War Chariot 300 gold An armored two wheeled chariot designed for battle.
Litter 60 gold A small carriage mounted on two long poles carried by a group of 4 or more servants. The enclosed carriage box includes cushioned seats, windows, drapes and a tiled roof. It seats two (larger models may seat four). Popular in Rukemia and Padashan, but rare in other nations. In most cities of those two empires, only nobles are allowed to use such vehicles.
Sedan Chair 30 gold Very similar to a litter, but it is a smaller, single seat carriage mounted on two poles meant to be carried by two servants.

Water Based Transportation

Item Cost Notes
Canoe 5 gold Small, sleek wooden boat. Eight feet long and seats two comfortably.
Riverraft 5-15 gold Simple raft with basic rudder. Can be used with oars or poles. River rafts come in various sizes, but the average raft can carry 3-4 people.
Saurian Bogboat 50 gold Lightweight, round raft maneuved with poles. Smooth rounded edges. Very sturdy. Designed for maneuvering dense bogs and swamps. Common in Saurian territory, rare everywhere else. Light enough to be carried by four saurians across a portage.
Rowboat with 2 pair oars 10 gold Basic rowboat. Powered by two sets of oars. Seats five people and a small amount of cargo.
Riverboat with 4 pair oars 35 gold Simply a larger and more stable version of the rowboat. Powered by four rowers, each with a long paddle or a set of oars. Can carry 8 people comfortably with some spare room for cargo.
Myrian Longboat 500 gold Small and sleek, lightweight wooden longboat propelled by many oars. Such a boat is usually 25 feet long and carries 5 myrians. Much longer versions have been reported.
Etharan Wayfarer 8,000 gold A small two masted elven sea faring ship. Slender and elegant. Despite its name, this ship is designed for short voyages close to the coast. Used by the elves of Ethara. Typically 35 feet long with a crew of six.
Normidian Lakeship 15,000 gold A tall and narrow two-masted ship. Typically 40 to 60 feet long with a crew of 12. Used widely on the Captured Sea for cargo transport.
Ormekian Galley 2,000 gold A two masted longship usually with both sails and oars. Fifty feet long with a crew of three officers, eight crew and 16-20 slave rowers.
Durogar 1,200 gold A broad dwarven ship with a deep draught but low sides, propelled by many oars. Designed from transporting cargo on underground lakes where the water is calm and deep and there is rarely a breathe of wind. A durogar averages 65 feet long and is usually operated by a crew of 12.
Borrellian Longship 5,000 gold A long and narrow ship with oars along its entire length and a single retangular sail. Graceful, long, wide and light. It has a shallow draft designed for speed. Symmetrical front and back ends allow it to reverse direction without turning. Designed for deep fjords and rough sea voyages. A typical longship is 75 feet long and carries a crew of 50. Often used by the Borrellians in long distance summer raids. Fairly lightweight for a ship of such length. It has no need for ports. It can simply be beached.
Mercian Broadship 15,000 gold A large and stout bellied cargo ship. A typical three-masted broadship has six sails, namely bowsprit, foresail, mizzen, spritsail, and two topsails. Averages 80 to 100 feet long with a deep draught, high sides and a wide belly with a huge central cargo section and two or three levels fore and aft. Usually a crew of 20.
Rukemian Galley 30,000 gold A huge four masted ship that typically reaches 150 feet in length with a crew of 30 or more. Has multiple levels within. Used for long distance cargo transport and for war.
Kalimuran Dreadnaught 50,000 gold A massive four masted tall ship with a deep draft and five decks. Advanced design and technology make it the most durable type of sea vessel known, able to withstand storms that would sink other ships. Typically 250 feet long with an enormous cargo volume. Normally has eight officers and a crew of 40. The dreadnaught is the only ship armed with cannons, a recent technological invention from Kalimura. A typical dreadnaught will have between six and twelve cannons. Kalimura jealously guards its technology and it is exceptionally rare for a cannon to be found on any non-Kalimuran ship. This ship was designed to transport cargos through the Pirate Isles and have enough power to fend off any attack.



Nautical Gear and Equipment

Item Cost Notes
Oar, common 1 silver Common five foot oar used on small boats and rafts.
Oar, galley 1 gold A very long reinforced oar, which man be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet long. Used on larger ships.
Anchor 50 gold A typical anchor for a medium sized vessel.
Sail 200 gold A replacement sail.






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