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Many animals can be captured, trained, sold and used as a pet, guardian or hunting companion. While exotic beasts may command fantastic prices on the market, they are exceedingly rare. The table below lists animals that are likely to be encountered in a city market.

Item Name Cost Description
Bull 20 gold An intact male cow chiefly used for breeding.
Calf 5 gold -
Capon 3 copper A castrated male chicken fattened for slaughter.
Chicken 2 copper -
Dog, Guard 15 gold Any of various breeds trained for guard duty.
Dog, Hunting 10 gold Any of various breeds trained for hunting.
Dog, War 35 gold A large dog trained for battle.
Cat, Domestic 1 copper -
Cattle, Beef 10 gold -
Cattle, Samasar 20 gold A particularly rotund breed of cattle favored for its exquisite meat.
Cow, dairy 8 gold -
Falcon, Hunting 200 gold A falcon trained for hunting.
Goat 1 gold -
Goose 6 copper -
Lamb 4 gold -
Ox 10 gold A castrated bull used for work as a draft animal.
Pig 3 gold A domesticated pig.
Pigeon, Messenger 1 gold A pigeon that can be used to carry messages back to a specific "home" location.
Rooster 5 silver -
Sheep 3 gold -
Songbird 1 gold -
Swan 4 gold -


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