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Mounts and Gear


Steeds and Beasts of Burden

Item Name Cost Notes
Riding Horse 25 gp A horse that has received standard training and can carry riders.
War Horse 100 gp A horse that has received special training for mounted combat and will remain calm in battle.
Work Horse 50 gp Also known as a draft horse, draught horse or dray horse, this is any of certain breeds of large size, strength and docile temperment. Trained for heavy farm work, pulling plows, etc.
Pony 15 gp A smaller breed of horse, suitable for children, grum or other diminutive riders.
Donkey or mule 10 gp Smaller than a standard horse, but hardy, strong and stubborn. Better at carrying heavy loads rather than as a mount.
Korynian Scout 200 gp A rare breed of horse native to Ithria. Notable for its small size, speed and long distance stamina. Can only carry lightweight riders.
Korynian Hauler 300 gp A rare breed of horse native to Ithria. Notable for its very large size. It's slow plodding speed is balanced by exceptional strength and endurance.
Korynian Charger 500 gp A rare breed of horse native to Ithria. Notable for its exceptional intelligence, trainability and speed. Easily identified by its two black horns.
Elfhorse 750 gp A very rare breed of horse known for its slender frame, small size and shimmering silver-white color. It can only carry lightweight riders, but is graceful in the forest and able to maneuver through trees and brush with ease. Used by the elves as steeds. Rarely sold to non-elves.
Camel 35 gp Native to Qeshir and used extensively throughout the Padashan Empire. Camels are slower than horses, but in harsh desert conditions they are stronger, hardier and can carry heavier loads. Camels are also highly intelligent and trainable.
Halmaka 50 gp A tall, bipedel mammal native to the Great Ahtabi Desert in Qeshir. It is used as a reliable steed and pack animal throughout the Padashan Empire.
Dune Strider 75 gp A 3m tall bipedal lizard native to the Baen Desert. Used by the baenites as steeds and beasts of burden.
Snowdrifter 85 gp A hearty six legged and wooly horse found only in the extreme northern lands. The Borrellians use them as steeds, pack animals and work horses. Borrellians will sell snowdrifters to foreigners, but snowdrifters do not tolerate heat and will die if removed from arctic conditions.
Craghorn 100 gp A large, grey-skinned quadruped that is slow, but incredibly strong. Native to the grasslands of Qeshir. Used by several nations and races in Qeshir as a work animal and pack beast.
Sarlang 50 gp A large reptilian quadruped with a powerful tail and large paddle like feet. Used as a steed and pack beast in swamps and marshes, sarlangs are occasionally found for sale in villages and towns bordering wetlands.


Horse Tack

Item Name Cost Notes
Basic Riding Tack 8 gold A complete kit to outfit a horse for riding. Includes a bit, bridle, reins, stirrups, four horseshoes, a riding saddle, saddle blanket and two saddle bags.
Riding Saddle 2 gold Basic leather saddle.
Pack Saddle 1 gold A large base with numerous leather straps for packing goods.
Saddle Bag 2 silver A rectangular leather bag with a closing flap and buckles.
Saddle Blanket 6 copper Basic thick wool blanket.
Horsehoes 5 gold A set of four basic horse shoes. Includes the services of a farrier to fit them to the horse.
Stirrups 3 silver Set of two basic iron and leather stirrups.
Halter 1 silver A harness for a horses head with a leather strap to be used by a person on ground to steer an animal.
Yoke 2 silver A wooden beam with straps that can be fitted to an ox or donkey to haul lauds.
Bit and Bridle 4 silver -
Reins 1 silver -
Harness 8 silver A set of devices and straps that attaches a horse to a cart, wagon, carriage or other load.
Padded Barding 10 gold Thick, padded cloth armor for the horse. Will fit most horses.
Leather Barding 20 gold Leather armor for the horse. Adjustable straps allow it to fit most horses.
Chain Barding 50 gold Chain armor for the horse. Must be fitted to a specific horse, though it will often fit a horse of a similar size.
Plate Barding 200 gold Plate armor for the horse. Must be carefully fitted to a specific horse.
Caparison 3 gold An ornamental covering spread over a horse, worn beneath the saddle. Typically made of flax linen and colored in bright patterns.
Custom Caparison 15 gold A caparison, made to order, with specific colors and/or a specific guild standard or national emblem.



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