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There is an enormous variety of garments worn by the different cultures across the lands of Khoras. Most of them share some similarity to each other. While the Normidians, Drakkellians and Imperials of Rukemia might call their tunics by different names, they are all essentially the same article of clothing. They vary slightly in cut and style and fastenings.

The tables below include examples of garments with descriptions, but these tables are by no means exhaustive. They are for reference and additional variations should be extrapolated from these examples as necessary.

Likewise, price and weights are approximations, but any individual item can vary considerably. Obviously, clothing varies a great deal in quality and fashion. Clothing can be shoddily made (which is typical of peasants and serfs who often make their own clothing). Clothing can also by finely tailored by expert craftsmen and might include elaborate stitchwork, rare and valuable materials and additional ornamentation. The type of cloth often influences price greatly. In Ithria, wool, leather and linen are common. Silk exists, but is produced only in the Padashan Empire. Hence, silk commands great prices in Ithria or Aggradar, but is less expensive in Qeshir.


Complete Outfits

Item Name Cost Weight Notes
Peasants Outfit 5 copper 1 kg A very simple outfit for the poorest serf. Simple wool leggings and wool shirt. Lower class.
Craftsmen's Outfit 5 silver 2 kg A typical outfit suitable for a craftsmen, common laborer or merchant. Middle class. Includes wool socks, wool leggings, linen shirt, a long tunic, leather belt and leather shoes.
Traveler's Outfit 7 silver 2 kg A light weight outfit for riding and walking. Leather boots, wool socks, linen trousers and linen shirt, short tunic and light weight cloak.
Noble's Outfit 5 gold 2 kg A more expensive and decorative outfit. Apropriate for a nobleman or courtier. Exact cut and material varies according to the local culture.
Royal Outfit 35 gold 2 kg An expensive tailored and embroidered outfit for a royal family member. Includes personalized fitting and tailoring.



Item Name Cost Weight Notes
Foot Wrappings 1 copper .3 kg Simple wool rags and twine and leather strips that are wrapped around the feet.
Sandals 3 copper .4 kg Simple leather sandals. Thick leather sole and leather laces.
Leather shoe 1 silver .5 kg A simple leather shoe with leather straps. Very common and appropriate for most commoners, workers, craftsmen and so forth.
Leather boot, common 3 silver 1 kg A simple light weight, mid-calf boot.
Leather boot, fine 8 silver 1 kg A finely crafted boot made from supple leather (parts dyed to any color) and bound with a decorative leather strap and polished bronze clasps.
Fur boot 5 silver 1.5 kg A heavy boot made of thick leather and fur hide. Suitable for very cold weather.
Nobleman's Shoe 4 gold 1 kg A decorative shoe made from supple calfskin leather, dyed and decorated, with silver clasps.
Embroidered Slipper 50 gold .4 kg An expensive slipper fashioned from leather, imported Padashani silk and decorated with silver, gold and precious gemstones.



Item Name Cost Weight Notes
Simple Shawl 1 copper .3 kg Simple light weight wool square to wrap around the shoulders.
Light Cloak 5 copper .7 kg A knee length light weight woolen cloak.
Riding Cloak 4 copper 1 kg A basic knee length cloak made from thick wool. Usually dyed a single solid color. Includes hood and toggle clasp.
Heavy Cloak 2 silver 2 kg A full length heavy cloak consisting of an outer leather shell and an inner wool lining. Includes hood. Rain proof.
Fur Cloak 3 silver 4 kg A full length heavy cloak of thick wool and wolf or bear pelts. Designed for very cold weather. Common in the north.
Half Cloak 1 gold 1 kg A dyed, waist-length cloak of fine linen with embroidered edges. Quite fashionable in many cities. Having a guild symbol or standard embroidered in the cloak triples the price.

Courtier's Cloak 7 gold .4 kg A half length cloak, dyed and embroidered with silk thread. Includes a stiff, high collar and silver collar stays. Popular with nobles and commonly seen in court.
Silk Cloak 100 gold .2 kg A half length cloak fashioned entirely from imported Padashani silk. Often with elaborate designs woven into the thread and a silver and jewel clasp.


Gowns and Dresses

Item Name Cost Weight Notes
Simple Wool Dress 5 copper .3 kg A basic and unadorned grey wool dress. Knee length.
Casual Dress 1 silver 1 kg A full length, basic everyday dress made from wool. Includes an attached white chemise and a basic trim adorns the neckline, sleeves and hem.
Summer Dress 4 silver 2 kg A knee-length, light-weight flax linen dress.
Flax Linen Dress 1 gold 3 kg Full length midweight flax linen dress with decorative trim at neckline, hem, sleeves and lacing on the front.
Lady's Court Dress 10 gold 4 kg A stylish and elegant full-length lady's dress made of cotton and velvet, featuring short draped sleeves, a high collar and an ornate brocade front panel.
Noblewoman's Evening Gown 75 gold 5 kg A full length dress with fitted sleeves, puffed shoulders and a ruffled bodice. Made from heavy velvet and accented with delicate gold thread and cyrilite fire rubies. Comes with matching scarf and hat. Suitable for entertaining guests at the manor.
Decorated Silk Ball Gown 500 gold 3 kg A multi-layer gown featuring a wide hood, flared sleeves and an accented brocade down the front. Fashioned almost entirely of imported Padashani silk. Elaborately decorated with silk and gold thread and precious stones. Includes custom fitting. Sure to be the highlight of the ball.

Individual Garments and Accessories

Item Name Cost Weight Notes
Cap, woolen 2 copper .1 kg Simple woolen cap.
Cap, flat leather 5 copper .4 kg A stylish flat cap made of leather.
Cap, fur linned 3 silver .5 kg A thick leather cap with fur lining. Very good for cold weather.
Cap, velvet 2 gold .3 kg A stylish flatenned cap of crushed velvet with a feather.
Coif, linen 1 copper - Simple linen coif.
Belt, leather 3 copper .1 kg A basic belt fashioned from a single leather strip with an iron buckle.
Belt, jeweled 40 gold .2 kg A decorative belt of silver links and with a buckle boasting a small inset gemstone.
Breeches 2 silver .1 kg Clothing covering the legs separately, i.e. trousers.
Gloves, Cloth 2 copper

.1 kg Short gloves of cotton or wool.
Gloves, Leather 4 silver .2 kg Elbow length leather gloves.
Hat, wide brimmed 2 copper .1 kg A leather hat with a wide brim
Hose, woolen 3 copper .1 kg  
Hose, silk 8 copper -  
Jacket, Silk 100 gold 1 kg  
Mittens, Cotton 1 copper -  
Robe, Roughspun 1 silver .1 kg  
Robe, Decorated Fine Cloth 1 gold .3 kg Decorative flax linen robes with trimmed hem, sleeves and neckline.
Shirt, Cotton 1 silver .2 kg A basic cotton shirt.
Shirt, Silk 50 gold .1 kg A decorative shirt of imported Padashani silk.
Surcoat 8 silver 1 kg Basic surcoat.
Tunic, Fancy 1 silver 2 kg  
Tunic, Plain 1 copper 2 kg  
Vest, Embroidered Silk 40 gold .3 kg  
Vest, Plain cloth 1 silver 1 kg  
Vest, Leather 1 gold 2 kg  
Wig, powdered 5 silver .3 kg Used by Drakkellian nobles and certain magistrates.


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