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Item Cost Weight Description
Abacus 5 gold 0.5 kg A simple wooden frame with wires and threaded beads. Used by merchants for rapid mathematical calculations.
Axe 4 silver 1.5 kg  
Broom 7 copper 1 kg  
Candelabra, four candle, silver 12 gold 1.5 kg  
Stone Working Tool Set 2 gold 3 kg A set of tools for basic stone work. Includes hammer and variety of chisels.
Chisel Set, Wood 1 gold 2 kg A set of tools for basic wood working. Includes a hammer and variety of chisels.
Grappling Hook 3 gold 1.5 kg A five pronged iron hook with eye for rope attachment.
Hammer, iron head, 1 foot handle 2 silver 1 kg A basic, all purpose hammer.
Hourglass 5 gold 1 kg  
Ice Pick 1 gold 3 kg  
Iron Nail, Pack of 100 5 iron 2 kg A pack of 100 basic iron nails.
Knife, 4 inch blade 1 silver 0.5 kg  
Ladder 1 gold 10 kg A 10 foot wooden ladder.
Magnifying Glass 50 gold 0.3 kg Extremely rare. Only available in Kalimura to Kalimuran citizens or on black market.
Mallet, wooden head, 2 foot handle 6 silver 3 kg  
Merchant's scale 3 gold 1 kg A mechanical balancing scale and set of weights.
Pitch fork 1 gold 2 kg Metal tines and head, wooden handle.
Plow, Heavy 6 gold 100 kg A heavy plow with a iron plowshare and a wooden moldboard and frame.
Rake 1 silver 2 kg A common wooden rake with wooden tines.
Saw, two-man 1 gold and 5 silver 5 kg A large, two meter long saw with a wooden handle at each end.
Saw, one handed 5 silver 1 kg A one meter long toothed iron saw with a wooden handle.
Shovel 1 gold 2 kg A metal head and wooden handle.
Sledgehammer, iron head, 3 foot handle 1 gold 4 kg A heavy metal head on a 1 meter handle.
Spyglass 1000+ gold 1 kg Rare and highly prized. Although crude telescopes and spyglasses have been invented in Kalimura, they are rare and exceedignly difficult to purchase. Any spyglass on the black market would fetch an exorbitant price.
Tongs, iron 8 silver 2 kg Heavy iron tongs with leather wrapped handles.
Wheelbarrow 1 gold 15 kg A basic wooden wheelbarrow with a wooden wheel.


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