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Armor Type Cost Weight Description
Base Armor Body
Gambeson, light 4 sp 2 kg A full body jacket of padded armor. The lightweight variation of the gambeson is more popular in the south where warmer climes make it more comfortable to wear.
Gambeson, heavy 1 gp 4 kg A full body jacket of thick, heavyweight padded armor. More popular in the North.
Chainmail Hauberk 75 gp 12 kg A long coat of mail that covers the torsor, arms and groin. Must be worn over another layer to prevent pinching and chaffing. Often worn over a gambeson.
Base Armor Legs
Padded Leggings 5 sp 2 kg Padded armor leggings. Essentially a gambeson for the legs.
Chainmail Leggings 30 gp 6 kg Chainmail for the legs. Usually worn over padded leggings or linen trousers.
Base Armor - Head
Leather Cap 1 sp .4 kg Leather cap consisting of a shell of hardened leather and padded wool.
Chainmail Coif 5 gp 4 kg Flexible hood of chainmail with an open face. Extends downward to protect the neck and throat.
Cuirass (Torso)
Cuirass, hardened leather 6 gp 4 kg  
Cuirass, scale 18 gp 6 kg  
Cuirass, brigandine 20 gp 8 kg  
Cuirass, plate 50 gp 12 kg  
Pauldrons (Shoulder/Upper Arm)
Pauldrons, hardened leather 3 gp 2 kg  
Pauldrons, scale 8 gp 3 kg  
Pauldrons, brigandine 10 gp 4 kg  
Pauldrons, plate 25 gp 6 kg  
Greaves (Upper Leg)
Greaves, hardened leather 3 gp 2 kg  
Greaves, scale 8 gp 3 kg  
Greaves, brigandine 10 gp 4 kg  
Greaves, plate 25 gp 6 kg  
Bracers (Forearm)
Bracers, hardened leather 2 gp 1 kg  
Bracers, scale 6 gp 2 kg  
Bracers, brigandine 7 gp 2 kg  
Bracers, plate 15 gp 3 kg  
Boots (Lower leg and feet)
Hardened Leather Boots 1 gp 1 kg  
Steel plated boots 5 gp 3 kg  
Helmet (Head)
Opened Helmet 10 gp 2 kg  
Visored Helmet 25 gp 3 kg  
Full Plate Armor 1,000 gp 30 kg A full suit of interlocking armor plates. This very advanced armor is crafted only in the nation of Kalimura. It is extremely rare outside of Kalimura.
Furs and Hides 5 gp 40 kg The northen regions, especially the Borrellians, wear furs cut and bound by leather cords. They provide good protection as well as warmth.
Ogrish War Vest 50 gp 60 kg A very heavy armored longcoat favored by ogre warriors. This outer garment is often worn over other layers of armor.
Kalimuran Ironcloth 200 gp 5 kg A special type of fabric that blends very small chainmail rings with fine woven wool. Often cut into long coats, surcoats and such for nobles.



Shield Type Cost Weight Description
Buckler, wooden 5sp 2 kg A small wooden round shield mounted on the forearm.
Buckler, iron 4 gp 4 kg  
Round Shield, wooden 2 gp 4 kg A larger round shield.
Round Shield, iron 8 gp 8 kg  
Heater Shield, wooden 3 gp 6 kg A traditional mid sized shield of classic shape.
Heater Shield, iron 12 gp 12 kg  
Kite Shield, wooden 4 gp 8 kg A taller variant of the heater shield that is tapered at the bottom.
Kite Shield, iron 16 gp 16 kg  
Tower Shield, wooden 5 gp 10 kg A tall rectangular shield that protects the whole body.
Tower Shield, iron 20 gp 20 kg  





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