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Armor Descriptions

Borrellian Polar Plate

Borrellian Polar Plate is kind of like a low-tech barbarian version of platemail. It's fashioned from the chitinous plates from slain polar worms. This natural form of armor is strong and light weight.

Kalimuran Light Plate

Kalimuran Light Plate is platemail made with various steel and aluminum alloys. Stronger, lighter and more comfortable than traditional steel plate armor. Very expensive and difficult to acquire outside of Kalimura.

Kalimuran Ironcloth

Iron cloth is remarkable invention produced in Kalimura that combines Kalimuran technology with dwarven craftsmanship. This non-magical material is a blend of strands of silk and cotton mixed with extremely fine steel wires. It is a thick, heavy cloth that can be colored and decorated. Ironcloth is very difficult to cut and provides good protection from cutting, slashing and punctures, while still being light weight and comfortable. Ironcloth is difficult to manufacture and very expensive. Garments made from ironcloth are typically fifty times as expensive. Ironcloth is quite popular with nobles as it provides good protection while still being suitable for even the most civilized occasion. Ironcloth does not fold well and is usually rolled up for storage and travel.

Ogrish War Coat

A large heavy leather and metal overcoat with a metal plating that folds over the front, armored high collar and armored back. Usually dark green or dark grey and often has many large pockets.


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