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Melee Weapons

Item Cost Description and Notes
Athalas 1 gp A glaive with a blade at both ends of the shaft. The traditional weapon of saurian warriors. Traditionally, crafted of wood, twine and bone.

Axe, Battle

5 gp A two handed axe with a long handle.

Axe, War

10 gp A short handled, single handed axe.
Club 5 cp A simple wooden club. Can be wielded one or two handed.
Dagger 1 gp  
Flail 5 gp  
Knife 5 sp  
Mace 3 gp  
Maul 5 gp  
Morning Star 7 gp  
Pike 2 gp  
Polearm, Glaive 10 gp  
Polearm, Halberd 10 gp  
Quarterstaff 1 sp A simple straight 2 meter pole capped in iron at each end.
Ramuk 8 gp A heavy, two handed weapon that appears as a cross between a sword and an axe. A traditional weapon of the Sybrenar Imperium.
Rapier 10 gp  
Scimitar 5 gp  
Scourge 3 sp  
Sickle 1 gp  
Sword, Bloodreaver 8gp A short, heavy, one-handed, slightly curved blade. Used by the Duthelm military.
Sword, Kurganmal 20 gp A massive sword of ogrish design. Typically 2.5 meters long and weighing more than 20 kg. It is a long, single edged slightly curved blade.
Sword, Long 8 gp  
Sword, Short 5 gp  
Sword, Spade 10gp

A heavy, two edged blade which is wide toward the tip than at the handle. Spade swords come in a variety of styles and sizes, but all have generally the same shape. Traditional weapon of the Magrakians. Require great strength but little dexterity to wield. It is, essentially, a hacking weapon.

Sword, Two Handed 25 gp  
Trident 5 gp  
War Pick 3 gp  
Warhammer 8 gp  
Whip 1 gp  

Missile Weapons

Item Cost Description
Blowgun 1 gp A simple and primitive weapon consisting of a small tube for firing light projectiles and darts.
Bow, long 25 gp  
Bow, short 15 gp  
Crossbow, heavy 60 gp  
Crossbow, light 30 gp  
Javelin 1 gp  
Orgish Thunder Bow 75 gp A thick limbed bow of great size. Typically more than 2 meters tall and requires great strength to draw.
Skybow, Avarian 50 gp A specialized type of bow designed to be fired by an avarian's feet. Designed to be fired from flight.
Sling 1 cp  
Spear 1 gp  
Staff Sling 3 cp  
Throwing Axe 1 gp  
Throwing Dagger 4 gp  




Item Cost Description
Arrow, Broadhead 5 sp / doz Standard arrow with a typical broad head bladed tip. Suitable for hunting and war.
Arrow, Bodkin 1 gp / doz Simple metal spike tipped arrow that excels at penetrating armor.
Arrow, Needle Bodkin 1 gp / doz A narrow type of bodkin arrow designed to penetrate chainmail armor specifically.
Arrow, Forkhead 2 gp / doz A broad, forked metal head. Designed for hunting small game, birds and cutting ropes. Useless against armor.
Arrow, Barbed Broadhead 3 gp / doz A standard, barbed broad headed arrow. Causes extra damage when pulled out.
Arrow, Swallowtail 5 gp / doz A large, curved barbed broad-headed arrow. Reduced range and accuracy, but increased damage. Designed for hunting large game animals. Will not penetrate armor, but on a successful hit, causes bleeding.
Arrow, Burst 10 gp ea A specialized type of glass head arrow that can be filled with any liquid. Reduced range and accuracy. The arrow shatters on impact delivering liquid. Single use.
Arrow, Incendiary 10 gp ea Must be lit. This alchemy tipped arrow will burn fiercely and cannot be doused, even if submerged in water.
Arrow, Grappling 10 gp ea A very heavy, hooked arrow head. Short range and poor accuracy. Designed to carry one end of a rope with it.
Bolt, light 1 gp  
Bolt, heavy 1 cp  
Dart, Blowgun 1 sp  




Item Cost Weight Description
Bowstring 1 sp 0 Standard arrow with a typical broad head bladed tip. Suitable for hunting and war.
Quiver 5 sp 1 kg Standard quiver. Stores one dozen arrows.
Scabbard 5 sp 1 kg Scabbards come in all shapes and sizes. Price can range from a single silver piece to several dozen gold pieces for a large and decorative armored scabbard. The average cost is 5 sp for a plain and unadorned leather scabbard that fits a typical long sword. Weight for such a scabbard would be about 1 kg.



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