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Melee Weapons

Item Cost Description and Notes
Athalas 1 gp A double headed glaive used by saurians. Traditionally, crafted of wood, twine and bone.

Battle Axe

5 gp  

Battle Axe, double headed

5 gp  
Bloodreaver 8gp A short, heavy, one-handed, slightly curved blade. Used by the Duthelm military.
Club, one-handed 5 cp  
Club, two-handed 1 sp  
Dagger 1 gp  
Flail 5 gp  
Glaive 10 gp  
Halberd 10 gp  
Handaxe 2 gp  
Knife 5 sp  
Kurganmal 20 gp A massive sword of ogrish design. Typically 2.5 meters long and weighing more than 20 kg. It is a long, single edged slightly curved blade.
Long Sword 8 gp  
Mace 3 gp  
Maul 5 gp  
Morning Star 7 gp  
Pike 2 gp  
Quarterstaff 1 sp A simple straight 2 meter pole capped in iron at each end.
Ramuk 8 gp A heavy, two handed weapon that appears as a cross between a sword and an axe. A traditional weapon of the Sybrenar Imperium.
Rapier 10 gp  
Scimitar 5 gp  
Scourge 3 sp  
Short Sword 5 gp  
Sickle 1 gp  
Spadesword 10gp

A heavy, two edged blade which is wide toward the tip than at the handle. Spade swords come in a variety of styles and sizes, but all have generally the same shape. Traditional weapon of the Magrakians. Require great strength but little dexterity to wield. It is, essentially, a hacking weapon.

Trident 5 gp  
Two Handed Sword 25 gp  
War Axe, Heavy 10 gp Short handled, but thick and very heavy, single bladed axe. Traditional weapon of the dwarves.
War Pick 3 gp  
Warhammer 8 gp  
Whip 1 gp  

Missile Weapons

Item Cost Description
Arrow, Bodkin 1 gp / doz Simple metal spike tipped arrow that excels at penetrating armor.
Arrow, Needle Bodkin 1 gp / doz A narrow type of bodkin arrow designed to penetrate chainmail armor specifically.
Arrow, Forkhead 2 gp / doz A forked metal head good for hunting game birds and cutting ropes.
Arrow, Straight Broadhead 3 gp / doz A standard, barbed broad headed arrow. Causes extra damage when pulled out.
Arrow, Large Curved Broadhead 5 gp / doz A large, curved barbed broad headed arrow. Reduced range and accuracy, but increased damage.
Arrow, Burst 10 gp ea A specialized type of glass head arrow that can be filled with any liquid. Shatters on impact. Single use.
Blowgun 1 gp A simple and primitive weapon consisting of a small tube for firing light projectiles and darts.
Bow, long 25 gp  
Bow, short 15 gp  
Crossbow, heavy 60 gp  
Crossbow, light 30 gp  
Dart 1 sp  
Javelin 1 gp  
Orgish Thunder Bow 75 gp A thick limbed bow of great size. Typically more than 2 meters tall and requires great strength to draw.
Skybow, Avarian 50 gp A specialized type of bow designed to be fired by an avarian's feet. Designed to be fired from flight.
Sling 1 cp  
Spear 1 gp  
Staff Sling 3 cp  
Throwing Axe 1 gp  
Throwing Dagger 4 gp  



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