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Length 1.1 meters
Weight 3.5 kilograms
Type Slash
Handedness Two Handed
Price 8 gp


The ramuk is a heavy, two handed weapon that blurs the line between axe and sword. It typically weighs 3-4 kilograms and is about a meter long. It has a heavy counter weight at the pommel to offset the weight of the blade. The handle is typically wrapped in thick leather strips.

The ramuk is a traditional weapon of the Sybrenar. Not all sybrenar soldiers fight with it, but many do. The weapon has historical significance and has been a part of the Sybrenar culture for many centuries. It is a common weapon in the Sybren Imperium, but is rare in other parts of the world.

It is an awkward and difficult weapon to wield without training, but in the hands of a ramuk expert, it deals devastating blows, often severing whole limbs.

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