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In order to put the prices of weapons, armor and adventuring gear into proper perspective, it helps to know what the common wages would be for various professions. Below are listed the daily wages of a variety of professions, from the most humble to the most wealthy.

10 copper pieces = 1 silver piece.



A typical beggar usually manages to scrounge a copper piece or two per day - enough to not starve.
A common unskilled laborer earns between 5 copper pieces and 1 silver piece per day.
An apprentic craftsman earns 1 1/2 silver pieces per day.
A common foot soldier or milita man earns 2 silver per day.
An archer or crossbowman earns 3 and a half silver per day.
A skilled laborer (such as a brick layer) earns 4 silver pieces per day.
A journeyman craftsman earns 5 silver per day.
A man at arms or a squire earns 6 to 7 silver per day.
A scribe typically earns 5-10 silver per day.
A sergeant earns 8 to 10 silver per day.
A master craftsmen earns 12 to 20 silver per day.
A knight earns 24 silver per day.
A town mayor or minor city official earns between 20 and 30 silver per day.
A knight banneret or knight commander earns 48 silver per day.
A sage (a learned scholar) typically gets paid 50 silver pieces per day for consultation and research in his field of expertise.
A city administrator or major official (such as a magistrate) earns between 30 and 60 silver per day.
A wizard, depending on skill and employer, might earn anywhere from 25 to 100 silver per day.
An imperial senator earns 300 silver per day.



Nobles (baron, earl and higher) don't earn daily wages in the typical way, but generate money through taxation, tribute and so forth. An approximation of their typical daily expenditures is listed below.

A baron spends between 300 and 500 silver per day.
An earl might spend between 400 and 800 silver per day.
A viscount might spend as much as 1,000 silver per day.
A duke's daily expenses typically are between 1,000 and 2,000 silver per day.
A king's daily expenses will sometimes reach 4,000 silver per day.
An emperor's daily expenses can often exceed 10,000 silver pieces per day.



Throughout the website, I'm using the currency of the Drakkellian Alliance as the standard. In Drakkel, a gold piece is equal to 100 silver pieces... vastly more than a silver coin. This has some historical precedent. In the 13th century England, a pound was worth 20 shillings and a shilling was worth 12 silver pence. So a single pound was worth a whopping 240 silver pennies.

The point is that a single gold coin is a sizeable chunk of wealth. In D&D, adventurers routinely find treasure hoards of thousands of gold pieces which is ridiculously inaccurate. In Khoras, however, a mere 10 gold pieces is viewed as a fortune because a "mere" 10 gold pieces represents a YEAR'S WAGES for many common folk.



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