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The Tome of Verses

This mammoth volume is bound in the scales of a dragon. It is quite large, weighing well over 100 pounds. On the cover of this grimoire is the title of the book.

This ancient book has passed down through the ages shrouded in legends. Its origins are unknown. It surfaces from time to time spreading chaos with it. The tome has 666 pages of which about 400 still function.

Any spell effect can be generated using this item. A composition in verse must be written on a blank page. The book is known to have summoned clouds of fire, slain dragons, penetrated fortresses, sunk ships and raised the dead among other legendary feats. It is said that the book can grant any wish the user desires... as long as the wish takes the form of verse. It is known that only mages can use the book. Anyone can write a poem or lyric in this book, but the writing will have no effect and a page will have been wasted. Only partial control is exercised by the writing mage. It seems that the versed composition directly controls the effect produced. Rhyming, imagery, clear metrical language and creative verse all contribute to the power and control of the spell. The wizard always has a desired effect in mind but the book rarely delivers a perfect interpretation. It is also known that this book can be abused. Nemiran, a mage from long ago, once possessed this book and used it to pursue his unlimited ambition. He demonstrated that the book’s powers can be strained. Using the book too often or attempting too grand a feat causes control to degrade. But Nemiran, who was himself a man of little control, did not heed the danger as the magic wrought by the tome became more and more wild. His final verse brought about his doom. His stronghold was reduced to ash and he along with it.


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