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The Sukaran Vanishing

One of the more disturbing events of the Great War was an incident known as the Sukaran Vanishing. Sukara was a tiny, but prosperous kingdom located in a large, lush valley north of modern day Ithell. It's fair haired people were known for their gentle ways and were staunch pacifists. Sukara did it's best to avoiding political and military involvement in the chaos of the Great War that raged about it during those dark years. Several wizards who served King Cedoba, who ruled at the time, protected the kingdom with powerful spells. However, on the evening of  Magerule 18, in the year 338 CY, just prior to the end of the War, the Sukarans vanished. Every person, building, animal and plant simply vanished. No trace of the people or their culture remained.

Many have speculated over the fate of the Sukarans. Some believe that they were the victim of a terrible weapon devised during the Great War, or perhaps the target of a greatly destructive spell. Other scholars think that the Sukarans simply fled and found a way to take their city and villages with them. None know for sure. It remains one of the great mysteries of the world.

The truth of what happened lies with the Ankari.


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