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The Stone Phellysian

The Stone Phellysian is also known as the Rock Lion and Rexilar’s Revenge. It appears as a stone statuette that bears the likeness of a cat sitting in quiet repose, about 18" tall and 40 pounds. The stone is dark grayish brown. The whole object is chipped, cracked and appears to be very old.

During the Great War, it became necessary for the great wizard Rexilar to conceal himself from all manner of divination and spying. Thus, he created the Stone Phellysian and hid within it. A rival wizard discovered Rexilar’s "hiding place" and magically bound him within the stone form. Rexilar struggled, but was unable to break the spell and assume his normal form. When Rexilar’s rival was slain, the stronghold was looted and the Stone Phellysian was traded away. It has since changed hands many times. In the last two thousand years, it has been spotted in many places. Its current whereabouts are unknown. The Stone Phellysian is only an obscure legend to the Phellysians. They do not know that it houses their god and their creator.

This artifact houses the life essence, memories, knowledge, physical form, magic, wealth and glory of Rexilar, the powerful mage known as the Cat Lord. The object has no actual abilities. It has only one primary function. If the proper ritual is performed, Rexilar will be restored. Those who have had possession of the object report have vivid dreams relating to Rexilar and the Great War.


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